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Full Circle Helps Transform Salesforce Data Into Insights By Making it Easy to Build Forecasts and Funnels So You Can Align and Strategize to Drive Results

Use Salesforce Data to Understand What Drives Conversions

Easily Learn What Drives Prospects Through Your Pipeline, Quickly Create Marketing and Sales Funnels, Build Forecasts, and Plan Campaigns That Work

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Complete Customization

Completely customizable dashboards that are designed to transform complex data into actionable insights. Identify what works, where you need to make adjustments, what needs a little attention, and the best options for optimization.
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Better Hand–Offs

Comprehensive funnels, directly from Salesforce data highlight volume, stage conversion, stage velocity, and more. Measure your funnels to drive alignment and create partnerships across go-to-market teams.

Optimize Your Efforts

Visualize the entire customer journey and determine what drives leads. Full-funnel measurement gives you the tools you need to allocate resources efficiently and drive tangible results you can attribute to funnels from day one.

Transform Complexity Into Clarity

Customize your Salesforce dashboards to gain visibility into marketing and sales funnels and make informed choices driven by data.

Ensure you’re on track to reach your goals by evaluating metrics such as volume, conversion rate, and deal velocity at a glance. 

Accurate Funnel Measurement

You can’t have accurate funnel measurement if you’re leaving valuable data behind. Keep historical data front and center by making sure it reaches the end of the funnel so you can properly evaluate and plan. 

Follow leads through the entire funnel to identify gaps in the sales process, spot trends, and better allocate budget.

Keep Funnels – and Data – In Salesforce

Use data you trust in a system you trust. When you use a Salesforce-native tool like Full Circle you can finally stop wasting time on clunky spreadsheets and glitchy plugins, and align across the entire company within Salesforce. 

Customize your dashboard to break down conversion rates, velocity, and more to make marketing and sales strategy planning easier.

Your Full-Funnel Hub

Connect all your data and customer information in one place to streamline communication and processes. 

Use the Salesforce Campaign Member Object to update lead and contact information and securely track and measure funnel progression as it happens.

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Understand Your Complete Marketing Funnel 

How Can Full Circle Help You?

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Align Marketing and Sales Teams

When marketing sales are aligned, they work together to fill the top of the funnel and move prospects through the pipeline.

Full Circle keeps your data securely in Salesforce and provides an accurate, aligned view of the sales funnel, making it easy to understand what drives revenue.

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Customize Dashboards and Attribution Models

Easily get the answers you need to reach your business goals and scale.

Full Circle helps you create dashboards and attribution models that strip away things you don’t care about so you can dig into data that matters and report on and optimize campaigns for maximum success.

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Recall Historical Data and Anonymous Sessions

Learn from the past to inform the future – uncover previously unknown data to map the customer journey, build personas, plan campaigns, and easily create forecasts and funnels.

Full Circles gives you 360 views into campaigns, customers, and pipeline, so you can make informed decisions and sell more.

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Scale Demand Gen Efforts

Build awareness and increase demand by understanding what makes your customers tick.

Full Circle measures the entire sales and marketing funnel so you can target the right audience and build effective marketing and demand gen campaigns that attract high- intent prospects.

Funnel Measurement

Bring Your Salesforce Data Full Circle
  • Sync Fields From Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and Accounts Into Funnels*
  • Timestamp Campaign Members as Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities Move Through Funnel Stages*
  • Historical Funnel Tracking Across Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities*
  • Customize Funnel Stages to Match Your Go-to-Market Process*
  • Track Real-Time and Historical Funnel Movement of Target ABM Accounts**
  • Integrate ABM Intent Data Into Pre-Pipeline Funnel Tracking**
*Available on Performance Level
**Available on Enterprise Level

Make Targeted Marketing Decisions

Campaign Attribution Turns Marketing Data Into Your Most Powerful Tool – Determine Marketing ROI, Measure Campaign Impact, and Tell a Better Marketing Story

Salesforce Marketing and Sales Reporting Solution

Salesforce Marketing and Sales Reporting Solution

Full Circle Insights works within your Salesforce instance, enabling a cleaner, clearer picture of your marketing and sales efforts. Get a detailed, custom view of KPIs that help you plan your marketing strategy and make informed decisions.

Truly Insightful Data

Truly Insightful Data

Tell powerful stories backed by data. Full Circle gives you the tools to optimize campaigns, measure impact, and plan with intuitive reports and dashboards in Salesforce. You’ll have confidence in your data and complete alignment with other teams of what efforts create leads so you can scale faster.

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Understand True Attribution

Stop Wasting Money

Drive ROI

Stay in Salesforce

Fund Campaigns That Turn YourMarketing Spend Into Revenue

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Embrace Funnel Attribution to Quickly Measure ROI

Fund Campaigns That TurnMarketing Spend Into Revenue

Understand True Attribution

Stop Wasting Money

Drive ROI

Stay in Salesforce

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