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Full Circle Insights Makes Marketing Operations Brilliant at Tessian


The Challenge: Tessian’s marketing operations team needed more sophisticated marketing attribution models, more in-depth insight into the funnel and a better way to track lead velocity.

Tessian Marketing Operations Manager Lily Petherick needed a better way to track lead velocity and an upgrade on the modeling tool she used for marketing attribution. She was also looking for more insight into the lifecycle of leads as they moved through the B2B company’s sales funnel. Petherick did some research into performance measurement solutions and talked to peers about what they used. A consensus emerged that one particular solution was superior to others: Full Circle Insights.

Full Circle Insights Fulfills Key Marketing Criteria


The CMO and head of demand gen at Tessian had used Full Circle in previous roles, and both enthusiastically recommended it. Petherick said Full Circle ticked all the boxes:


  • Robust lead velocity tracking capabilities throughout the funnel
  • Ability to capture interactions with content at every stage of the customer journey
  • Native CRM application to create a single source of truth shared by business ops and sales
  • Implementation support to keep Tessian’s small marketing ops team from being overwhelmedOn the strength of the glowing recommendations and Full Circle’s ability to meet all the criteria, the Tessian team chose Full Circle.

The Solution: Full Circle’s native CRM app allows marketing ops to generate detailed reports, monitor key metrics and gain critical insight on which campaigns drive pipeline and sales at every funnel stage.

Tessian’s marketing ops team can now do detailed object reporting inside the CRM, which Petherick describes as a “massive benefit” because it’s easy to share across departments and generates insights throughout the funnel on one platform. The team can evaluate the success of campaigns and compare conversion rates across content and event types, which drives smarter investment decisions.
Petherick says Full Circle makes it simple to track paid campaigns at a more granular level since tracking modules (i.e., UTMs) aren’t overwritten when prospects convert at multiple stages. Full Circle makes it possible to do retrospective analysis, which is especially important for B2B marketers who are tracking campaign metrics within a lengthy sales cycle.
Full Circle also gives marketing ops an accurate view of paid campaign performance, in one case revealing that a program thought to be productive wasn’t bringing in as much as estimated, which allowed marketing ops to redirect funds to channels that build the pipeline more efficiently.

The Result: Deploying Full Circle revolutionized marketing operations, keeping the team on course with accurate conversion metrics, enabling more effective collaboration, and driving smarter investments.

Since Tessian’s marketing ops team started using Full Circle, the conversion rate of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales accepted leads (SALs) rose by 100%. Pipeline creation metrics are up quarter-over-quarter, and Petherick credits Full Circle for helping her team more accurately attribute influence and revenue so they can make better campaign investments.

Before deploying Full Circle, marketing ops struggled to gain insight past the top of the funnel, but now they can understand performance at every stage. The team uses that insight to provide specific guidance for the marcomm and events team, which now know which content most effectively drives key decision-maker action and which event types produce more closed/won business.

Petherick says using Full Circle saves an immense amount of time for everyone in marketing ops, especially when it comes to reporting. A company that is obsessed with data accuracy, Tessian now easily produces reports for the board, and marketing, sales, and lead gen managers get data and analysis on performance relative to targets, bringing insight into the lead lifecycle full circle.

The team plans to expand the use of Full Circle in the future, building out new reports and leveraging the solution to align activities with sales and offshore partners.

With Full Circle Insights, Tessian’s Marketing Operations Team Can:


  • Convert more MQLs into SAOs
  • Gain 360-degree visibility into the lead lifecycle, seeing past the top of the funnel to each stage
  • Build better marketing attribution models and save time by automating reports
  • Identify and address process issues, such as marketing-to-sales handoff bottlenecks
  • Provide board reports, including breakdowns by territory, deal size, lead origin, etc.
  • Easily share reports across multiple departments using the CRM as a single source of truth
  • Identify which campaigns generate the most opportunities and allocate spend accordingly

“Full Circle is an advanced tool for operations, and its comprehensive measurement capabilities help me be really good at my job. People on other teams, including customer success, have expressed amazement at my ability to track leads from end” to end, all in one place.”

Lily Petherick
Marketing Operations Manager

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