Integrate Uses Full Circle Insights to Defend Marketing Spend



The marketing team didn’t have the right tools to measure campaign performance, lacked alignment with finance and sales, and needed insight into the business.


Full Circle’s CRM-aligned solution allows marketing to measure performance from response to revenue, and dashboards tell the marketing story in a framework everyone understands.


Better operational alignment, more efficient processes, and opportunity development, and the ability to defend marketing spend using data with broad credibility.


    Full Circle Insights gives Integrate the tools they need to:

    • Establish marketing’s revenue goals with finance
    • Optimize process and budget allocation efficiency
    • Demonstrate marketing’s impact and justify spend
    • Align marketing with the sales and finance teams
    • Attribute revenue to specific campaigns, programs, and channels

    “The first time I showed the Full Circle dashboards to my CFO, he said ‘This is amazing!'” – Danny McKeever, Sr. Director, Marketing Operations and Technology, Integrate.

    The Challenge: 

    When Danny McKeever arrived at Integrate, he quickly found the department lacked the right martech stack that could help them tell the company’s marketing story to colleagues. The team couldn’t defend marketing spend in executive meetings and there was no concept of a demand funnel with conversion rates and movement metrics to monitor progress and measure campaign performance.

    Marketing and sales weren’t aligned and didn’t have enforceable SLAs. Marketing wasn’t collaborating with the finance group to establish revenue responsibilities and set goal metrics. Marketing was unable to attribute opportunities to campaigns, track leads from response to revenue, or calculate ROI. Duplicate records inflated numbers and made attribution impossible.

    The Integrate marketing team needed a framework to build a more collaborative relationship with colleagues from sales and finance. They also needed full-funnel visibility and reporting capabilities inside the company’s CRM so that everyone could access a single source of data truth. After evaluating competitor martech solutions, McKeever chose Full Circle Insights.

    The Solution: 

    With Full Circle Insights, Integrate’s marketing team gained the insights they needed to work with sales and finance colleagues to establish objectives and continuously improve operations. Using data inside the CRM, marketing can now monitor conversion rates at each stage of the funnel, see progress toward quarterly goals and track campaign performance from the response to the pipeline.

    Integrate now uses accurate reporting inside the CRM to create custom dashboards that illustrate marketing’s impact on business gaps. The new reporting capabilities Full Circle delivers have also transformed marketing operations — not only by providing a clearer picture of progress toward goals, but by changing how the marketing operations team thinks about success.

    The Result:

    McKeever notes that the easiest part of transforming Integrate’s marketing operation was implementing Full Circle Insights’ solutions. He also advises B2B marketing leaders to use the data framework Full Circle provides to align marketing with sales, defining a clear opportunity creation process to ensure that the teams agree on targets.

    McKeever also emphasizes the importance of a partnership with finance to develop marketing goals and ensure that they’re aligned with overall company objectives. It’s critical to get clarity on what the CFO expects marketing to deliver over time so that marketing can use that information to set campaign objectives and monitor funnel metrics to ensure campaigns are hitting revenue targets.

    As McKeever observes, marketing sees further out than any other team — in a sense serving as the company’s headlights. Full Circle Insights is the instrument panel, allowing marketing to measure pipeline impact consistently and accurately, driving greater efficiency in processes and budget allocation, and allowing the marketing team to defend the spend. In short, Full Circle Insights puts marketing in the driver’s seat.

    “Full Circle Insights gives us the dashboards that allow us to drive the marketing business. Imagine driving your car without your speedometer, odometer, gas gauge and headlights; you have no intel into what’s working and what isn’t. Full Circle provides these important details to give us visibility into the business.”

    Danny McKeever

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