At most companies, marketing and sales don’t operate on a level playing field. B2B sales operations have CRM systems like Salesforce to measure performance, including overall company metrics and the granular details of team and individual performance. Since the CRM system functions as the de facto system of record for revenue in most companies, the sales team has data that is credible in the C-suite.

Marketing teams use various martech solutions to automate campaigns and measure what happens at the top of the sales funnel. But most can’t drill down to see what happens once the lead is handed off to sales. Full Circle Insights, a marketing performance management solution suite that is built 100% on the Salesforce Service Cloud®, brings sales and marketing data together, creating a single source of data truth.

Full Circle Insights products deliver clear insights into marketing’s contribution to revenue and make sales team effectiveness visible with complete marketing and sales funnel data. The resulting clarity allows marketing and sales leaders to make better decisions that increase campaign performance, accelerate pipeline and revenue, and drive higher marketing ROI.

Response Management

Full Circle's Response Management

Full Circle’s Response Management solution gives users the comprehensive marketing data — including Salesforce campaign attribution — they need to drive revenue. Replacing complex spreadsheets and inaccurate, incomplete reports, Response Management delivers clear, accurate insights that show marketing performance results, drive quantifiable growth, achieve Salesforce ROI, align marketing and sales, and enable confident planning.

Response Management provides a way to track lead responses at all funnel stages and delivers a closed-loop view of outcomes, from source to result. It also provides comprehensive conversion metrics that allow marketing and sales teams to identify process breakdowns, such as hand-off points where leads fall through the cracks, so they can work more closely together to maximize opportunities.

Campaign performance metrics accurately identify which campaigns influence pipeline and revenue, enabling optimization of the marketing mix. Account-based marketing funnel metrics and attribution capabilities allow users to gain visibility into account prospecting while measuring effectiveness across accounts and segments.


Full Circle Insights Matchmaker

Full Circle’s Matchmaker product lets users connect the dots between leads and accounts so they can engage and measure ABM initiatives more effectively. With Matchmaker, users can proactively engage target accounts while intelligently managing inbound leads, connecting individual leads to the right accounts as part of an account-based sales and marketing strategy.

Connecting the dots on account engagements natively within Salesforce, Matchmaker uses “fuzzy matching” and a drag-and-drop user interface to simplify matching rules engine customization, making it easy to make the invisible visible. It also assigns leads to owners via customizable rules so every opportunity is correctly routed and pursued, turning lead responses into targeted engagements.

Matchmaker also makes it simple to strategically pinpoint and target the accounts that bring in the most revenue, providing full visibility into historical activities and performance metrics for each account. Its flexible self-configuration capabilities make automated matching, conversion and assignment rules easy by allowing users to choose when leads should auto-convert to a contact or set assignment triggers for the right account owner to engage leads.

Campaign Attribution

Full Circle Insights Salesforce Campaign Attribution

Full Circle’s Campaign Attribution product allows users to track campaign performance in Salesforce for a comprehensive view of how marketing programs generate revenue. With Campaign Attribution, marketing leaders get accurate campaign performance insights to drive efficient marketing mix decisions, including visibility into each campaign that has an impact on every opportunity.

Available as part of Full Circle Response Management or as a standalone product, Campaign Attribution transforms how marketers track and measure campaign performance in Salesforce with customizable attribution models as well as out-of-the-box modeling tools. It provides a complete picture of how full-funnel marketing programs perform. It also includes revenue and pipeline analysis reporting that can be segmented by campaign type, customer size and lead source as well as a trends view.

Campaign Attribution allows users to weight attribution by single-touch or multi-touch models or create a model that is aligned with their sales cycle and marketing goals, including the ability to customize weightings, incorporate custom variables and cross-compare model results. Campaign Attribution stores precise attribution data right inside of Salesforce, allowing users to dive into granular details across any dimension and generate powerful, credible performance metrics.

Digital Source Tracker

Full Circle Insights Digital Source Tracker

Performance-driven marketers need to measure digital marketing effectiveness in order to evaluate how and where to best spend marketing dollars. Today, clicks from digital advertising, social channels, and other online sources are still unconnected to the leads inside the CRM. Marketers need to pair a prospect’s anonymous digital touch to the identified, responding lead right inside the organization’s revenue reporting system.

Full Circle Digital Source Tracker adds this functionality on top of our funnel metrics product, Response Management. Together, these products capture online and offline engagements, including anonymous touches, from a marketer’s wide array of channels, programs and systems, to measure the effectiveness of their full funnel marketing strategy and contribution to pipeline and revenue.

About Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance measurement solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology. Built 100% on the Salesforce Service Cloud®, Full Circle Insights’ products complement leading marketing automation solutions.

Full Circle Insights is the platform you need to measure marketing’s impact and grow your business. We have spent nine years building a comprehensive platform that tracks and measures all campaigns, programs, events and channels in one place. Our platform complements your current marketing stack and brings data from all of your various marketing systems into CRM in a standardized way for full funnel analysis. And most importantly, our platform gives you actionable insights and tools to improve campaigns and programs to make the biggest possible impact on your business.


Originally posted on MarTech Zone.

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