What’s it worth to you to show and improve Marketing’s contribution to revenue?

Giving without attribution is a noble act, unless you are in today’s modern digital marketing world, where giving without attribution can be your downfall (and ultimately lead to your No more marketing assumptionsuntimely demise in the workplace).

We all assume Marketing influences more revenue than is shown in our information systems, but just how large a role does marketing play in driving sales?   Our Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, and CRM systems show some of what Marketing influences, but in reality, Marketing is driving much more . . . and it’s probably not being captured unless you’re leveraging a Marketing Performance Management system native to your CRM solution (shameless plug – just like Full Circle Insights inside of salesforce.com).

Industry leaders like Eloqua, Marketo, Birst, GoodData, and Salesforce do an excellent job showing part of what Marketing is influencing, but the way your Marketing data is measured and then communicated between all the other systems can leave an incomplete picture.  This is why at Full Circle Insights we believe in tracking and measuring all your demand generation programs inside of your CRM solution – it provides one source of truth for Sales, Marketing, and your executive team and shows Marketing’s influence on all demand generation programs, including Sales or Telesales campaigns, so you get a more complete picture.

In today’s age of digital marketing with the ability to accurately associate revenue with Marketing programs and accurate measure campaign influence, there should be no assumptions, only facts.  Facts you need to better understand what campaigns influence the most revenue, drive the most net new responses, or whatever your KPIs are so you can make informed decisions about where to position your programs, how to plan your budget, and more.  It’s why smart (and noble) marketers pay a little bit more for those additional solutions that provide them the ability to show all of Marketing’s influence on revenue and streamline their marketing mix.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we do this in salesforce.com check out our Campaign Influence Best Practices in Salesforce webinar.

About Susan Habernigg

Sue Habernigg was Vice President of Sales and Alliances leading the global sales and strategic partnership efforts for Full Circle Insights. Sue has over 20 years of experience in building exceptional sales teams and channel programs including her roles as sales vice president and director at Vitria Technology and Adobe Systems. During her 10 year career at Oracle Corporation, Sue was senior director of the Business Alliances Program and was recognized as a top sales rep on Oracle’s direct sales team. Sue graduated from the University of Southern California.