Intro to Full Circle Campaign Attribution

Full Circle Campaign Attribution is a marketing analytics solution that provides data-driven marketers with the intelligence to make budget decisions with confidence by measuring their campaigns’ performance and impact on revenue.

Making the right marketing decisions with intelligence and confidence is more important now than ever before. How do you measure the results of your marketing programs? Which of your campaigns are making the biggest impact on pipeline and revenue? Where should you spend your budget to optimize your marketing mix? Your biggest weapon in answering these questions is accurate measurement of your campaign performance.

Introducing Full Circle Campaign Attribution, a full function multi-touch supported attribution solution for data-driven marketers. Full Circle Campaign Attribution provides granular reports and comprehensive dashboards, with real actionable insights into campaign effectiveness, right inside Salesforce to ensure your data matches sales using the system of record that supports your organization. The power of our reporting allows you to segment campaigns by type, customers by size, open opportunities by industry, or a myriad of other segmentations. Drill down into each campaign with Deal Explorer, see exactly which campaigns influenced the opportunity and the revenue attributed to them.

The intelligence in these reports come straight from Full Circle’s attribution modeling. The product comes right out of the box with all of the industry standard models, but also additional advanced models to support custom weightings and custom factors such as job function, campaign type, offline activities, and more.

Our Full Circle Campaign Attribution provides full flexibility and ability to cross compare model results and calibrate your model to fit the unique needs of your business. Chat with us today to learn more about how Full Circle Campaign Attribution can help you connect revenue to campaigns and to make marketing decisions with confidence. Request a demo today

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