At Full Circle, we want to arm marketers with rock-solid campaign performance insights and data-backed confidence to optimize your marketing mix. With Full Circle Campaign Attribution, you can get visibility into each campaign that creates and touches every Opportunity. As seasoned marketing practitioners and Salesforce veterans, we’ve built a product to transform how you track and measure campaign performance in Salesforce with out-of-the-box and customizable attribution models. See how Full Circle Campaign Attribution gives you a complete end-to-end picture of how your marketing programs impact revenue.

Available separately or included in Full Circle Response Management.

Revenue and Pipeline Analysis

Our comprehensive reports provide enhanced visibility for marketers to see exactly which campaigns contributed to a deal and make targeted marketing decisions. Whether you need to segment your campaigns by type and customer size, break-down your pipeline by lead source, or view campaign trends over time, Full Circle Campaign Attribution supports performance-driven marketers with intelligence on demand to make campaign mix allocations..

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Out-of-the-Box, Customizable Attribution Models

Leverage up to three powerful attribution models (single-touch and multi-touch) that work out-of-the-box to provide immediate insights for marketing mix optimization. Fit your model to your unique sales cycle and marketing goals with the ability to customize weightings, incorporate custom variables, and cross-compare model results. We’ve built our attribution solution to work for you on day one with the flexibility to grow with your business.

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Attribution Metrics Across all Your Salesforce Data

See the precise attribution data right inside of Salesforce and get as granular as you want across any dimension you track in Salesforce (industry type, revenue tier, contact role, and more).  Access powerful attribution reports and dashboards giving you the performance metrics you need to make informed, targeted marketing decisions.

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Full Circle Deal Explorer

See how your attribution models divide up revenue for individual opportunities, and cross-compare attribution results. Full Circle Deal Explorer (which comes bundled with Full Circle Campaign Attribution) displays cumulative Lead and Contact interactions on every Opportunity. Marketers can drill down into individual Opportunities to view critical campaign influence metrics, across three side-by-side attribution models, and visualize event history relative to Opportunity stages.

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Get Up-and-Running with Quick Implementation

We know you want to quantify your campaign performance and gain actionable insights on day one. Full Circle Campaign Attribution allows marketing to report from the de facto system of record for sales reporting, Salesforce. As a native Salesforce application, Full Circle Campaign Attribution is easy to administer and implement, so you can get up-and-running and make an immediate impact on revenue!

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Why Full Circle Insights?

Marketing Execs ›

  • Plan strategically for the next fiscal period
  • Align marketing and sales
  • Participate in critical revenue decisions
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Demand Gen ›

  • Prove your campaign’s contribution to revenue
  • Invest your marketing budget strategically
  • Optimize your marketing mix now and in the future
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Marketing Ops ›

  • Complete visibility into all your key marketing metrics
  • Never say “I can’t report on that” again
  • Stop struggling with tough ad-hoc reporting requests
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Sales ›

  • Improve the marketing-to-sales hand-off
  • Increase deal velocity
  • Visibility into SLAs
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After exploring various campaign attribution solutions, we selected Full Circle Insights, because it was the most robust, could provide the insight that we were looking for on campaign and process performance, and was native to Salesforce.
DeAnn PoeVP Demand Generation, DiscoverOrg

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