Full Circle CRM’s Halloween ’12 Release Delivers Treats to Salesforce Marketing Users That Include a Sophisticated Campaign Influence Model and Sales Follow-Up SLAs

Latest Release of Marketing Performance Management Solution Eliminates the Need for Marketing Tricks and Gives Marketers More Insight and Control

MENLO PARK, CA – Oct. 29, 2012 – Full Circle CRM today announced the immediate availability of its Halloween ’12 Release with features that give Salesforce marketing users more insight and more control with a sophisticated Campaign Influence Model, Marketing Velocity Reports and Sales Follow-Up SLAs. Unlike other marketing solutions, the new Marketing Performance Management application is designed exclusively for Salesforce Marketing Cloud users and built 100% on the Salesforce Platform.
“This release brings us one step closer to our goal of transforming the decision making process for Salesforce marketing users around the world,” said Bonnie Crater, president and ceo of Full Circle CRM. “With our Halloween ’12 release, marketing can assess the full performance of every campaign, including social campaigns, and optimize their marketing portfolio to grow revenue with sales.”
“Salesforce.com’s recent push into the Marketing Cloud makes Full Circle CRM a company to watch,” said Denis Pombriant, analyst with Beagle Research. “Full Circle CRM helps Salesforce marketing customers understand the impact of their marketing investments.”
Key Halloween ‘12 Release Features
With the Halloween ’12 release Full Circle CRM takes the tricks out of Marketing Performance Management and arms Salesforce marketers with these new treats:

  • Sophisticated Campaign Influence Model:  lets you define how to weight and calculate campaign influence across deals in your pipeline. Don’t know what your campaign influence calculation should be?  We help you figure it out by letting you run three models simultaneously so you can then analyze the results and refine your model as you go.
  • New Deal Explorer feature: with a single click you see exactly how the deal was sourced, nurtured and influenced from initial lead all the way through the sales process.  Detailed timeline view of opportunity shows which marketing campaigns influenced the deal at every stage.
  • Sales Follow-Up SLAs:  makes it easy to define sales follow-up rules for every region, segment, product or even individual campaign.  Monitor actual results with Sales Follow-Up SLA Reports and set up automated alerts to ensure every response is followed-up on in a timely manner.
  • Marketing Velocity Reports: understand how long it takes for marketing responses to make an impact on your business.  See how fast or slow responses are nurtured through marketing and processed through sales.  Breakdown your velocity analysis by any segment, region, product or even campaign.

About Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM gives Salesforce marketing users a complete marketing performance management solution that answers all your marketing questions in one place and helps you drive more revenue from every campaign with best practice response lifecycle management.  Our cloud-based product is built 100% on the Salesforce Platform and is pre-integrated with leading marketing automation solutions. All marketing data is in Salesforce and so are the answers.
Founded by former salesforce.com executives, product managers, and marketing automation specialists – we know what it takes to run a successful marketing organization. We are passionate about giving all marketers the answers they need to plan with confidence and grow revenue. Learn more at www.fullcirclecrm.com.

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