Full CircleEssential

Nothing is more essential than understanding campaign performance. Full Circle Insights gives you the ability to create multiple flexible models that you can use to make more informed budget decisions, measure ROI, drive creative direction, and analyze insights on your ideal customer.

  • Attribution Modeling
  • Visitor and Lead Tracking
  • Essential Reporting and Dashboards
  • Support Plan

Most Popular!Full CirclePerformance

Answering key questions about lead, contact, opportunity, and account performance is the next critical step in building powerful marketing programs. Full Circle Insights takes you inside your funnels, giving you a full view of the customer journey stages, conversion, and velocity.

  • Essential Tier Included
  • Funnel Measurement
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards
  • Support Plan

Full CircleEnterprise

Account-based marketing (ABM) programs deserve the same rigorous attention to attribution and funnel metrics as your other campaigns. As your enterprise adds account-based marketing, sync your ABM provider to Full Circle and Salesforce to ensure your team can dynamically measure, optimize, and report on success.

  • Essential Tier Included
  • Performance Tier Included
  • ABM Reporting and Dashboards
  • Support Plan
Attribution Modeling
Run three simultaneous attribution models
Customize single-touch and multi-touch attribution models
Specify model weighting and criteria through user interface
Set look-back time frame for first-touch attribution
Create an unlimited number of attribution models
Advanced multi-touch attribution models
Apply Salesforce campaign member to ABM target account attribution
Visitor and Lead Tracking
Track and report on UTM parameters at the campaign member level
Connect UTM tracking from online conversions to leads and contacts in Salesforce for each unique engagement
Attribution for unconverted leads
Attribute campaign engagement at the account level and contacts within opportunities
Create opportunity-based customer journey maps and perform cohort analysis
Match lead dispositions with specific campaigns
Flexible lead qualification using programmatic scoring as well as offline or one-off sales touchpoints
Understand campaign influence based on current ABM account engagement
Follow ABM campaign engagement by buying groups and key contacts
Funnel Measurement
Sync fields from leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts into funnels
Timestamp campaign members as leads, contacts, and opportunities move through funnel stages
Historical funnel tracking across leads, contacts, and opportunities
Customize funnel stages to match your go-to-market process
Track realtime and historical funnel movement of target ABM accounts
Integrate ABM intent data into pre-pipeline funnel tracking
Reporting and Dashboards
Integrate data from popular ad platforms
Export data to third-party BI tools
Ensure data security and quality through native Salesforce objects
Report on leads, contacts, and opportunities in a single funnel
Report on funnel stages, conversion, and velocity metrics
Generate full reporting for planning, optimizing, evaluating, and achieving go-to-market process
Detailed funnel stages, conversion rates, and velocity metrics for account-based marketing programs
Generate full reporting for Planning, Optimizing, Evaluating, and Achieving for ABM programs
Report on movement of ABM contacts and unconverted leads through funnels
See how ABM accounts respond with stage influence reporting as well as key contact engagement




Attribution Modeling

Attribution Modeling makes it easy to spot your top-performing marketing campaigns and analyze the customer journey. See exactly how much money each campaign brings in to determine which to fund and which to cut loose.

  • Create Multiple Attribution Models
  • Evaluate Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts
  • Compare Results
  • Categorize Revenue and Measure ROI and ROAS
  • Connect Data and Sync in Salesforce

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Visitor and Lead Tracking

Visitor and Lead Tracking provides a visual breakdown of the ABM and customer journey – including online, offline, anonymous sessions, and pre-Full Circle Implementation data. From new leads to closed/won deals, easily breakdown where touchpoints originated between third-party sites such as Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, GA4, and ABM intent software.

  • Pull Ad Spend Into Salesforce
  • Connect Traditional Marketing Campaigns
  • Track the Whole Customer Journey
  • Customize by Timetable or UTM
  • Analyze Customer and Account Behavior
  • Synce and Measure ABM Efforts in Salesforce

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Funnel Measurement

Funnel Measurement is a detailed view of KPIs, such as volume, conversion rate, and velocity. These at-a-glance reports help marketing and sales teams identify trends using historical data, enabling them to make aligned, informed, data-driven decisions that drive results.

  • Use Existing Data Architecture
  • Identify What Generates New Leads and MQLs
  • Segment and Summarize Data
  • Track in Real-Time
  • Customize Dashboards and Reports

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Reporting and Dashboards

Easily customize and share Reporting and Dashboards from a single source of truth – Salesforce. Gain a better understanding of what drives leads and ABM accounts through pipeline so you can optimize campaigns and plan with confidence.

  • Determine What Drives Influence
  • Track Key Contacts and Decision-Makers
  • Analyze Pipeline Progression
  • Identify Engaged Prospects and High-Value Accounts
  • Align in Salesforce
  • Easily Create Reporting and Dashboards with Info That Matters to You
  • Energize Your Teams with Knowledge That They’re Efforts Are Paying Off
  • Connect Third-Party Data for Accurate Results

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