It’s All About Attribution: Essential Marketing Insights for Your CEO

Your CEO is primarily interested in one thing: attribution. In other words, which marketing efforts drive the most revenue, and what is the ROI of the marketing spend? This eBook covers these essential marketing insights for your CEO and more.

Because the CEO is responsible for making sure that the company is meeting and exceeding the expectations of shareholders, they need to understand:

        • Exactly how the marketing department contributes to sales
        • How marketing and sales work together
        • How the two departments streamline their efforts
        • Plans to generate revenue and overachieve on company goals

The best way to provide these insights is to track and measure marketing campaigns in the company’s CRM system.

When teams track and measure their efforts in Salesforce, the entire executive team has one source of truth for all critical metrics across teams.

It is vital for marketing to show attribution and ROI to prove impact and value.

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