Want to know more about how leads from new Outreach campaigns are tracked in your marketing funnel? You’re in luck! In this article, Professional Services Manager, Caitlin Van Horn walks you through the flow.

Let’s imagine that a prospect, Maria, just booked a meeting through Outreach. First things first, we need to get that information into Salesforce right away so we can create an opportunity. We’re using Full Circle, so the info needs to come in the form of a new campaign member — that way, it’ll activate the lead or contact. That, in turn, enables an SDR to create a trackable opportunity.

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes: Full Circle waits for a new event to be created in Salesforce. That event creation then triggers a flow that updates the FCCRM Threshold field, which sends a command to Full Circle to add Maria to the campaign. But to make this whole process work, we first need to make sure we have a campaign that automatically qualifies Maria to become active in our funnel. Here’s how:

First, navigate to the field called FCCRM Campaign Threshold. Set this field to 100.

Next, grab the ID of that campaign. The easiest way to do it is to capture it from the URL:

We just need the ID string that starts with 701. In this case, it’s 7013b000001GkWNAA0.

Once we’ve got that campaign ID, we’ll use our asynchronous command feature to insert the campaign into the contact. Because we’re doing this from a task, we’ll need to create a flow that is triggered by the creation of the event. The flow needs to search for a new event that meets our criteria, then set a field on the linked lead or contact.

Here’s how to create a New Record Triggered flow:

The Object will be “Event,” and the Trigger will be “A record is created.” In our example, the Entry Conditions will be the subject line containing the text “Full Circle Insights //”

Next, we have to determine if the person involved is a lead or a contact using a Decision element. To do this, we can evaluate the WhoID of the current event record:

We’ll create a new resource to hold our command line. This command-line tells Full Circle to add the person to the specified campaign with a campaign member status of Responded.

We can use this variable for both lead and contacts. If the associated person is a contact, match their ID to the current event record WhoID, then populate the variable into the field:

If the associated person is a lead, update the lead in the same way.


That’s it! All that’s left to do is save, activate, and test your flow.


You should see that as a new event is created with the designated subject line, the person named on the event will get a new campaign member added. If they’re not already in an active status, Full Circle will activate them and begin funnel tracking.

Want to learn more about designing flows to fit your marketing strategy? Contact Full Circle to explore your options!

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