The time is ripe for Account Based Marketing

In the current landscape of Marketing measurement, analytics, and strategy, many companies are leveraging Account Based Marketing (ABM) to be more effective in producing opportunities and revenue in their target markets. Forrester, an advisory company well known for its impact in the marketing landscape, continues to provide confirmation of ABM importance with their development of the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall.  

Leading intent data providers in the marketplace such as 6Sense, DemandBase, and Bombora are also in alignment with the significance of Account Based Marketing. These intent leaders help marketers identify target accounts showing high interest for their products or services. 

At Full Circle Insights, we’re also seeing agreement from existing customers and prospects, who are looking to use our platform as part of an ABM strategy. While we have some capability within our current functionality to use Account Based Marketing, it’s clear that customers and prospects are ready for a cohesive solution. 

B2B Revenue Waterfall 2021

B2B Revenue Waterfall 2021

Introducing ABM from Full Circle

Based on the demand that exists in the market and from our customers and prospects, Full Circle will launch an ABM solution that will work to address the needs of marketers that are utilizing an ABM approach. The core piece of this approach is the ability to define and track an Account Funnel separate from the standard person-based funnel that Full Circle Response Management is built off of.  This Account Funnel capability is aligned with the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall, and allows marketers to track the progress of Target Accounts as they show intent, engage with marketing content, and ultimately become opportunities and customers.  Along with that, the Account Funnel will have the capability to be defined and progressed based on activity from specified members of a Buying Group so that the engagement is properly assessed, resulting in a higher conversion rate for more qualified opportunities.


What will make the ABM solution by Full Circle an integral part of a customer’s ABM strategy is providing marketers with the ability to connect the Account Intent data provided by 6Sense, DemandBase, or Bombora, with the person-funnel capabilities and Attribution features that the Full Circle platform currently delivers. Customers will be able to track data and metrics for Target Accounts from the time they start researching until the time they become opportunities and customers, and everything that happens in-between including the campaigns that were most influential along the way.  There is no other solution with this capability currently in the market or positioned to deliver one the way Full Circle is.

With the Full Circle ABM Solution, marketers will be able to answer the following questions (among others):

  • What stages are my Active Target Accounts currently in?
  • What is the volume of times an Account has shown intent?
  • What % of my Target Accounts became engaged with our marketing/website?
  • Which campaigns had the most influence on moving Target Accounts in the pre-opportunity stages? Won Revenue?
  • What are the Accounts that have active Engagement from Buying Group members?

ABM: Activation

ABM: Funnel Progression 

ABM: Funnel Progression

We are excited to provide this solution to the marketplace and look forward to helping customers elevate their account based marketing strategies with the use of our new product.



Author: Terance Barkus, Senior Product Manager

Terance is a seasoned technology leader and has been at Full Circle for almost 6 years working with and implementing Full Circle solutions.  He currently serves as the Senior Product Manager, responsible for managing and driving Product rollouts and innovations at the company.


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