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In the SaaS B2B industry, Marketing Operations (Marketing Ops) is especially crucial. Marketing Ops professionals are the unsung heroes behind successful campaigns. They ensure strategies are executed smoothly, resources are optimized, and insights are leveraged for continuous improvement. 

Marketing Ops is a strategic discipline that enables marketing teams to efficiently execute their strategies. It involves designing processes, managing technology, and analyzing data to drive marketing performance and improve ROI. Marketing Ops professionals play a key role in aligning marketing efforts with overall business goals and ensuring that campaigns are executed effectively.

So what’s their secret? How does Marketing Operations seemingly do it all? 

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Just a few topics we’ll talk about:
  • Marketing Ops Best Practices
  • Making Data-Driven Decisions
  • Technology Integration
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • How to Improve


Hosted by Jason Ferrara, CEO, Full Circle Insights

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secrets of marketing ops webinar_ panelists with headshots:Katie Borzone, Director of Marketing Operations - Lacework Scott Sellers, Senior Director Campaign & ABX Strategy - HUMAN Security Kate O’Leary, Director Marketing Operations - IANS Research Carey Fairlie, Director of Services - RenderTribe hosted by Jason Ferrara, CEO - Full Circle Insights

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