San Mateo, CA, April 21, 2020 — Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, today announced that the company was granted U.S. Patent 10,599,620 entitled “Method and System for Object Synchronization in CRM Systems.” Invented by the Full Circle founders, the patented technology powers Full Circle funnel metrics capabilities inside CRM systems, fueling increases in marketing efficiency realized by Full Circle customers.

“As a former marketing VP at B2B companies, finding a way to measure marketing inside the CRM system and use that information to allocate more efficient spend was a holy grail,” said Full Circle Insights President and CEO Bonnie Crater. “It didn’t exist, so Full Circle had to invent it, and now marketers have that unique and powerful capability. Our customers improve marketing efficiency by shifting budget to programs that perform better and using the funnel metrics and attribution information to optimize their marketing processes.”

The co-founders of Full Circle are the inventors on the patent: Dan Appleman, Roan Bear, Bonnie Crater, and Andrea Wildt.  The company applied for the patent in 2012, staking its claim to complex code developed by Full Circle co-founder and CTO Dan Appleman. The code elegantly solves a persistent problem for marketers: how to track and synchronize objects within a CRM system. Objects in a CRM system might include leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts, and without a way to synchronize them into a response object, it wasn’t possible to measure a sales and marketing funnel without guesswork.

Full Circle Products
Full Circle products include a structured set of reporting dashboards and approach that allows data-driven decision-making for marketers to gain access to funnel reports that allow them to adjust marketing spend and optimize results based on key performance indicators. Full Circle technology enables users to view funnel metrics by customer segment, marketing channel, campaign type, or individual campaigns to determine which efforts are generating leads and to better understand how leads are progressing through the funnel.

In addition to providing a clearer picture of demand generation and revenue impact and enabling marketers to make better campaign investment decisions across the marketing and sales funnel, Full Circle products deliver a single source of data truth inside the CRM, aligning marketing and sales teams on the same information, so they can improve overall company performance.

In this way, marketing organizations that use Full Circle products can operate more efficiently. Visibility into how responses progress through the funnel provide insight on which leads need further engagement to move to the next stage. Full Circle funnel metrics also provide valuable information about critical bottlenecks, including issues with the marketing-to-sales handoff. These insights allow marketing and sales to align activities within the CRM and improve lead management overall.


About Full Circle Insights
Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance measurement solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology. Built 100% on the Salesforce Platform, Full Circle Insights products complement leading marketing automation solutions. Founded by former Salesforce executives, CRM implementation veterans and marketing automation specialists, the Full Circle Insights industry pioneers are seasoned in creating marketing measurement foundations to grow revenue.  Salesforce, Salesforce AppExchange and others are trademarks of, inc.

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