Full Circle Insights Awarded Patent for CRM “Repeat Response” Technology that Improves Funnel Metrics and Attribution Models

Repeat Response Technology Enables Better Lead, Contact, and Campaign Management

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, announced today that the company was awarded U.S. Patent 10,621,206 entitled “Method and System for Recording Responses in a CRM System.” The patented technology was invented by Full Circle founders and is the innovation that powers product features that enable Full Circle Insights customers to collect and maintain key information about leads within the CRM framework.  

“B2B marketers didn’t have a way to efficiently manage repeat responses inside the CRM system, which resulted in lost opportunities, duplicate work and inaccurate funnel and attribution metrics,” said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle Insights. “It’s a particular problem for software companies that offer freemium products, which have multiple downloads from the same contact. Our technology solved the problem, enabling sales and marketing staff to focus on the right opportunities and invest in the right campaigns.”

The co-founders of Full Circle are the inventors on the patent: Dan Appleman, Roan Bear, Bonnie Crater, and Andrea Wildt. The company applied for the patent in 2012, establishing a claim to the proprietary technology that powers Response Management, a Full Circle solution that allows marketers to drive revenue with comprehensive marketing data, including CRM campaign attribution.

Repeat Responses occur when a person responds to the same campaign multiple times.  Sometimes, the cause of multiple responses is simply the nature of the campaign such as a software download where a developer or user will download a trial or free version over and over again.  With the same person responding to a campaign many times, the CRM creates many duplicate lead records and sales personnel will be confused whether to follow up on the duplicate leads.  In addition, the duplicate leads create an administrative issue where leads need to be merged together and also exaggerates the response rate to a campaign making it difficult to accurately attribute revenue to specific campaigns.

Full Circle’s Repeat Response technology remedies these issues with a response object that collects and synchronizes multiple campaign responses from the same person in an elegant cascade. This innovation empowers Full Circle’s Response Management users to manage campaign responses more effectively, enabling accurate lead tracking across sales and marketing and avoiding duplicate efforts.

“We had a problem managing multiple responses from the same person on our demo campaign,” said Dipika Rang, Senior Director, Revenue Operations at Brainshark. “With Full Circle’s Repeat Response technology, we are able to track our leads more effectively, generate more accurate data, and don’t needlessly rework the same leads.”

Full Circle’s Response Management provides clear, accurate insights that help marketers demonstrate performance results, drive measurable growth, optimize CRM ROI, align marketing and sales efforts, and plan with confidence.

Learn more at fullcircleinsights.com/products/response-management.

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