Program Applies Lessons Learned from Hundreds of Client Interactions to Accelerate Results from Customers’ New Funnel Management Strategies


SAN MATEO, Calif. — August 20, 2018 — Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, today announced the rollout of Jumpstart, a new program designed to help customers get a fast start on implementing advanced funnel management strategies so they can generate returns on marketing investments more quickly. The program applies lessons learned from hundreds of client interactions to take a prescriptive approach to implementation, enabling effective funnel management from top (lead generation) to bottom (completed deals).

Funnel management is critical for modern digital marketing operations. Full Circle Insights gives users the ability to understand how marketing and sales efforts work at every point along the customer journey, providing data on volume, conversion rates and deal velocity so that marketers get a clear picture of performance and insight on where investments can improve ROI. Volume funnel metrics count the number of leads at every stage of the funnel. Velocity metrics explain the time spent at each funnel stage, and conversion rates describe the percentage of leads that move from stage to stage.

“Marketing executives can’t effectively manage the marketing and sales funnel without complete and accurate data at every stage, which is why they turn to Full Circle,” said Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights president and CEO. “We provide unparalleled funnel transparency, letting marketers see what’s working and what’s not, where process breakdowns occur, which investments can improve results, etc. But with the Jumpstart program, we take it a step further, using our expertise to recommend implementations so customers can become funnel management experts more quickly.”

Full Circle’s Jumpstart program will help customers generate a rapid return on their investment through:

  • A streamlined deployment process proven over hundreds of customer implementations
  • Best practice recommendations for funnel metrics and campaign attribution from expert consultants
  • Guided blueprints, structured dashboards and asset libraries for quickly understanding marketing’s contribution to revenue

Customers that combine the Jumpstart Program with our recently announced Marketing Analyst Service will be able to derive actionable insights with little disruption to your existing team members.  “The best onboarding experiences thoughtfully combine the right people across our customer’s organization with efficient processes through the use of technology,” said Rochelle Richelieu, vice president of customer success at Full Circle Insights. “With the Jumpstart program, we’re able to help our customers see marketing’s true performance and contribution to revenue and provide value in record time.”

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