New Product Debuted at Event Unlocks Buyer Journey Insights


SAN MATEO, Calif., September 14, 2017 — Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing and sales performance management solutions, today introduced the “Insights Economy” paradigm shift in a keynote speech delivered by CEO Bonnie Crater at the Circulate Conference, which took place at the W Hotel in San Francisco. Crater also announced Full Circle Insights’ plans for a forthcoming product which unlocks buyer journey insights – most notably anonymous digital touches.

“In the industrial economy, we deal in physical goods. Firms source raw materials like oil, timber, and ore, manufacture them into products, and exchange those. In the Insights Economy, data is the raw material. People, applications, and artificial intelligence process the raw data into insights, which are more valuable than the data alone,” Crater observed. “At Circulate, our purpose is to facilitate the sharing and trading of Insights. In the Insights Economy, we collectively grow richer by sharing. Our awareness grows not by hoarding knowledge, but rather by exchanging it with others. “

Circulate attendees got an inside look at a new product from Full Circle Insights called Digital Source Tracker, which enables marketers to track anonymous data on unidentified web visitors from any digital source and match their activities to identified prospects. This is a critical insight since prospects often conduct much of their buying research prior to identifying themselves. This is particularly important for companies with long sales cycles, typical in the B2B space. By revealing prior activities of a prospect, Digital Source Tracker illuminates the true scope of the buyer journey and enables marketers to tie specific revenue to the digital campaigns that are truly impactful.

“At Full Circle Insights, our goal is to be the very best source for B2B marketing data and enable critical marketing insights,” continued Crater.  “Our future is to collect and connect all the anonymous prospect data with known information and feed AI tools for better, faster insights.”

Presented by Full Circle Insights with Salesforce Pardot as a Platinum Sponsor, Circulate is a peer learning conference designed to help attendees better understand, measure and optimize marketing and sales performance. The event attracts industry veterans, including sales and marketing executives, operations, revenue and demand generation professionals who are interested in using data and insights to improve performance. The theme this year is: “From Data-Diving to Insights-Driving.”  In addition to Salesforce Pardot, other sponsors include: Demand Gen Report, MarTech Series, PFL, Everstring and Sendoso.


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