Company Gives Employees an Extra Eight Hours of PTO for March 8, Sponsor’s “Makeshift Society” Series Pilot about Female Founder


SAN MATEO, Calif.March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing and sales performance management solutions, today announced that the company is celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8 by granting all employees an additional eight hours of paid time off to engage in volunteer activities. The company is also sponsoring a project with acclaimed writer, director and producer Serena Schuler to produce a pilot for her TV series, “Makeshift Society.”

Full Circle Insights’ cofounder and CEO Bonnie Crater is a passionate proponent of women’s rights and an advocate for greater diversity, including equal gender representation, in the tech sector. At Full Circle Insights, Crater adopted the “Rooney Rule,” a requirement to interview women for open senior level positions that is named after a commonly known National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview minority candidates – including women – for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. Crater has also publicly challenged fellow Silicon Valley executives to do the same. Last year, Full Circle participated in “A Day Without a Woman,” a strike action championed by the Women’s March organizers.

“Events over the past few years have brought women’s issues to the forefront, including Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit, a presidential campaign that revealed the depths of the misogyny women are subjected to, the ‘Day without a Woman’ strike, and the rise of the #MeToo movement,” Crater said. “Raising consciousness is important, but we need to seize this moment to make real progress. And, I’m so proud of the Full Circle Insights team for moving the causes they care about forward.”

“That’s also why I’m so excited about ‘Makeshift Society,'” Crater continued. “As Serena says, if we want to see women creating startups and leading companies, we need to represent their stories on TV and in film. There are women entrepreneurs who start and lead successful companies — I’m living proof — but the default lead for entrepreneurship storylines is male. We need to change that. One of the ways to do so is to make the discussion more approachable and I’m a firm believer we can do that with humor and Serena’s series does just that.”

Schuler is focused on female-led stories rooted in comedy. Previously, she created a series that was one of the first to stream on WhoHaha, a digital platform cofounded by Elizabeth Banks to spotlight women in comedy. Schuler’s “Makeshift Society” concept centers on a woman who leaves a male-dominated tech company to start her own business. Schuler drew from her own experience in tech, starting her own production company, and by gathering stories from founders in Silicon Valley.

“You have to find your people who are supportive and also shooting for the moon,” said Schuler. “Founder origin stories are dramatic and fascinating.  There’s an amazing, untapped opportunity here to tell the story of a female founder.  I believe that TV and film have the power to change the culture.  By showing these stories we can do just that. Bonnie has been an incredible champion for this project, and an advocate for women in film.”

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