Full Circle CRM Partners with Datarati to Bring Key Marketing Insights to Businesses Across the Asia-Pacific Region

Full Circle CRM and Datarati Announce Partnership to Provide Campaign Influence and Funnel Metrics to Lifecycle Marketers

July 30, 2014, San Mateo, CA – Full Circle CRM announced today that it has added Datarati, a leading provider of best practices for building, testing, launching, optimizing and reporting on multi-channel lifecycle marketing campaigns in the Asia-Pacific region to its partner program. By partnering with Full Circle CRM, Datarati can now offer the critical insights provided by Full Circle CRM’s comprehensive demand generation waterfall metrics and powerful campaign influence models to its clientele in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.
“Partnering with Full Circle CRM will prove to be hugely beneficial for our customers using Salesforce,” said Will Scully-Power, Managing Director of Datarati. “The marketing insights that it provides for that part of our customer base will enable them to track and measure their marketing campaigns more accurately than ever before.”
“We excited to announce our partnership with Datarati and take our marketing performance management products into the Asia-Pacific region,” said Bonnie Crater, President & CEO of Full Circle CRM. “The team at Datarati are experts at helping their customers prove marketing’s contribution to revenue and we are thrilled to become a key piece of that process.”
More about Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management Solutions
Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management solutions give marketers complete campaign and response lifecycle management applications that make it easy to track, manage and report on every response generated. This response-based approach gives marketing executives insight into the key revenue analytics they need to optimize their marketing portfolio and drive more revenue, featuring:

  • Campaign Influence and Attribution: handles all the complex revenue attribution and funnel analysis so you know which campaigns are driving revenue and can manage campaigns from beginning to end. Includes sophisticated weighted campaign influence module, tipping point campaign credit, campaign-level response scoring, and closed-loop sales follow-up and tracking.
  • Response Lifecycle Management: helps drive more opportunities from every campaign with full visibility and aging for every response – regardless of whether it was from an existing contact or a new lead. Includes central views for response disposition, response scoring, assignment rules, notifications and alerts, and a full view of every historical response and its outcome.
  • Marketing and Sales Intelligence: provides all of the marketing answers. Includes a real-time marketing barometer, detailed funnel analysis, pipeline influence and “tipping point” reports, and detailed breakdowns of responses from new business vs. house list vs. nurture programs vs. existing customers.

Full Circle Response Management ensures every deal is attributed to the right campaign, empowering accurate ROI and answers to all of your marketing data questions in Salesforce.
About Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM provides Salesforce users a complete Marketing Performance Management solution that answers all of their marketing questions in one place and helps drive more revenue from every campaign with best-practice response lifecycle management, powerful weighted campaign influence models, and comprehensive marketing and sales funnel metrics. Our cloud-based products are built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions. All of your marketing data is in Salesforce and so are the answers.
Founded by former salesforce.com executives, product managers, and marketing automa­tion specialists – the Full Circle CRM team knows what it takes to run a successful marketing organization. Our team is passionate about giving marketers the answers they need to prove marketing’s contribution to the bottom line, plan with confidence, and grow revenue. Learn more at www.fullcirclecrm.com.
About Datarati
Datarati was co-founded by a group of Marketing Automation and CRM entrepreneurs and is now Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing Lifecycle Marketing Automation Agency.
Since 2009, the team at Datarati have been providing Lead, Customer and Member Lifecycle Marketing strategies to both B2C & B2B digital and data-driven marketers across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, China & Japan.
Datarati’s dedicated team provide Lead, Customer & Member Lifecycle Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation Product Training, Outsourced Campaign Management for Building, Testing, Launching, Optimising and Reporting on Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns as well as Marketing Automation Maturity Assessments & Road maps.
Datarati has strategic relationships with the world’s leading marketing automation platforms including; Marketo and the Salesforce1 Customer Platform.
Their vision is to build a global Lifecycle Marketing Automation Agency which helps marketers prove the value & ROI of their marketing investments through the use of Marketing Automation & CRM technologies.
The company is headquartered in Sydney and is privately funded by a group of angel investors in the USA & Australia. http://www.datarati.com.au
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