Campaign Influence Transforms the “Where to Invest Marketing Dollars” Decision Making Process for Companies Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

SAN MATEO, CA – Mar. 27, 2013 – Full Circle CRM announced today the release of next-generation Weighted Campaign Influence within Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management solution. This powerful feature gives Salesforce marketing users a nuanced understanding of the impact each marketing program makes on a company’s revenue. Weighted Campaign Influence replaces traditional Campaign ROI and is critical for marketing executives trying to decide where to invest across their marketing portfolio.
“Campaign ROI is too limited for certain businesses,” said Denis Pombriant, Analyst at Beagle Research Group. “Full Circle CRM’s campaign influence metrics give companies a richer view of campaign performance so they can make the most of their marketing dollars.”
“Campaign ROI is meaningless for most companies because there’s never just one campaign that deserves all the credit for a particular deal,” said Bonnie Crater, president and ceo of Full Circle CRM. “Companies with multi-touch sales and marketing cycles need more sophisticated influence metrics and analysis so they can invest marketing dollars across the funnel with confidence.”
Weighted Campaign Influence from Full Circle CRM ensures that every marketing or sales program gets the full credit it deserves for bringing in new responses, creating new opportunities, or generating revenue – allowing marketers to accurately measure campaigns and answer any campaign questions right inside
Weighted Campaign Influence Includes:

  • Customizable Campaign Weighting and Prioritization – Calculate campaign influence based on any combination of first touch, last touch, and tipping point campaigns, or by   relationship to contacts, opportunities, accounts or contact roles. Customize weighting and timing rules by any criteria you want – type of campaign, product line, segment, recency, opportunity create or close dates, etc.
  • Run 3 Models Simultaneously – Evolve and refine your models to get the most accurate revenue attribution to your campaigns. Run 3 models side by side to hone in on the model that works best for you.
  • Endless Campaign Influence Reports – Includes top campaigns that influence deals, average # influenced campaigns by opportunity type, influential campaigns by contact title, influential campaigns by account type, opportunity region, product, new business campaign influence report by any timeframe, add-on campaign influence by any timeframe, campaign program analysis by segment, etc.
  • Flexible Influence Data Architecture – lets you slice and dice influence across contacts, accounts, opportunities and campaigns by any time dimension. Report on any standard or custom field on any of these records to analyze what drives and influences new business vs. cross-sells and upsells; analyze what influences deals across market segments, by product line, industry, sales team, revenue size or even by opportunity stage.
  • Customer Influence Analysis – shows you which campaigns influence your prospects vs. customers and whether or not there are differences across job titles and job functions. Understand how many touches it takes to influence certain types of customers by account type.

Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management solution gives marketers a complete campaign and response lifecycle management application that makes it easy to track, manage, and report on every response generated. The new release of campaign influence empowers marketing executives with more sophisticated analysis and certainty about where to invest to drive more revenue.
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