By Partnering with Full Circle CRM Bulldog Solutions Helps Clients Gain Key Marketing and Sales Insights by Measuring and Analyzing the New SiriusDecisions Waterfall Inside of Salesforce

San Mateo, CA – May 06, 2013 – Bulldog Solutions and Full Circle CRM announced today that after implementing Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management application, Bulldog Solutions is now able to completely track, measure and analyze the new SiriusDecisions waterfall inside of Bulldog Solutions has gained complete visibility into the performance of their marketing, sales and telesales organizations and can understand the role each department plays in their individual and cumulative demand generation efforts. Full Circle CRM is the only application that enables companies to implement the new SiriusDecisions waterfall inside of their own Salesforce account. Bulldog has selected Full Circle CRM as a technology partner and plans to rollout Full Circle CRM’s solution to their clients.
“We’ve implemented the marketing technology and transformed the revenue generation process for dozens of B2B companies over the past few years”, said Bruce Brien, SVP of Client Success at Bulldog Solutions. “Full Circle CRM is the only solution that we found that can truly map and operationalize the new SiriusDecisions waterfall inside Salesforce – the funnel metrics and insights they can give our clients are fantastic.”
“Marketing analytics has become a precise science and no one knows the science of marketing better than SiriusDecisions and Bulldog Solutions,” said Bonnie Crater, president and ceo, Full Circle CRM. “We’re pleased to be Bulldog Solutions’ preferred solution for mapping and operationalizing the SiriusDecisions demand waterfall in Salesforce.”
Bulldog Solutions is an industry-leading revenue performance firm with deep expertise in marketing strategy, infrastructure and programs. Bulldog Solutions is an Eloqua Revenue Performance Management Partner and a Marketo services partner. Bulldog has helped dozens of companies integrate marketing and CRM automation solutions over the years.
Full Circle CRM Key Features
Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management solution gives marketers a complete campaign and response lifecycle management application that makes it easy to track, manage and report on every response generated. This response-based approach gives marketing executives insight into the key revenue analytics they need to optimize their marketing portfolio and drive more demand, featuring:

  • Campaign Lifecycle Management: handles all the complex revenue attribution and funnel analysis so marketers know which campaigns are driving revenue and can manage campaigns from beginning to end. Includes sophisticated weighted campaign influence module, tipping point campaign credit, campaign-level response scoring, and closed-loop sales follow-up and tracking.
  • Response Lifecycle Management: helps marketers drive more opportunities from every campaign with full visibility and aging for every response – regardless of whether it was from an existing contact or a new lead. Includes central views for response disposition, response scoring, assignment rules, notifications and alerts, and a full history of every historical response and its outcome.
  • Marketing & Sales Analytics: gives marketers all of the marketing answers right in Salesforce. Includes a real-time marketing barometer, detailed funnel analysis, pipeline influence and “tipping point” reports, and detailed breakdowns of responses from new business vs. house list vs. nurture programs vs. existing customers.

The application ensures every deal is attributed to the right campaign so marketers can get accurate ROI and answers all the marketing data questions right inside Salesforce.

About Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM gives Salesforce marketing users a complete marketing performance management solution that answers all the marketing questions in one place and helps marketers drive more revenue from every campaign with best practice response lifecycle management. The cloud-based product is built 100% on the Salesforce Platform and is compatible with leading marketing automation solutions including Eloqua, Marketo, Act-On, Pardot, NeoLane and Aprimo. All marketing data is in Salesforce and so are the answers.
Founded by former executives, product managers, and marketing automation specialists – the team at Full Circle CRM knows what it takes to run a successful marketing organization. Full Circle CRM is passionate about giving all marketers the answers they need to plan with confidence and grow revenue. Learn more at
About Bulldog Solutions
Bulldog Solutions is an industry-leading revenue performance firm for global B-to-B enterprise companies. Bulldog helps its clients optimize the drivers to improve their revenue performance by providing the right mix of strategy, infrastructure and programs to meet their business objectives. Bulldog works with globally recognized enterprise companies to transform their revenue process and prove marketing’s impact on sales. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with operations throughout North America and Europe. Learn more at