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Finally Deliver Marketing Campaign Attribution in Salesforce and Tell Your Customer Stories With Confidence

Who is Full Circle Insights?

Great Stories Start With Great Data

Get to Know Full Circle Insights to Unlock the Power of Salesforce and Take Control of Your Marketing Analytics

Simplify Data

Embrace Salesforce and cut through the noise to unlock the value in its data.

Align Across Departments

Determine the entire customer journey and get on the same page as sales, finance, and leadership.

Show Value

Illustrate your success with the right tools and proper campaign attribution.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Build confidence in your marketing insights so you can tell meaningful stories backed by meaningful data.

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What Does Full Circle Insights Do?

Use Salesforce Data to Tell the Whole Story

Develop accurate, aligned attribution and easily customize dashboards to determine marketing ROI and measure impact with cleaner data directly from a source you already trust: Salesforce.

Track Every Step of the Customer Journey

Go beyond MQLs with full visibility into your entire sales funnel. From first anonymous digital source to closed/won deal, you'll see which channels, content, and campaigns drive conversions.

Don’t Let Valuable Data Fall Through the Cracks

Go from complexity to clarity with at-a-glance visibility into marketing and sales funnels. Customize reports and consolidate insights with a single source so teams are always on the same page.

Identify Trends for a More Strategic Approach

Say goodbye to guesstimates and hello to precise measurements of KPIs like deal volume and conversion rates. Optimize ABM and determine what drives target accounts from one stage to the next.

Attribution for
Sophisticated Marketers

“Full Circle allows me the ability to see the return from our multi-channel marketing campaigns within Salesforce.com in a way that allows for in-depth analysis that would not be possible otherwise.”

Discover Your Rockstar Campaigns withMarketing Campaign Attribution

What is Campaign Attribution?

Campaign attribution is how marketers gain insight into the customer journey and evaluate the sales funnel.

Why Marketing Campaign Attribution is Important

With accurate marketing campaign attribution, brands can determine how customers interact, identify the most valuable marketing channels, and learn which campaigns work (and which don’t).

Proper campaign attribution gives marketing teams a better way to measure ROI because it tracks every touchpoint – even anonymous sessions.

Marketing campaign attribution helps marketers build customer relationships and create pipelines that convert by tracking the digital source and analyzing full funnel metrics to find out what resonates so you can improve your marketing strategy.

Common Attribution Models

  • First-Touch

This marketing and sales attribution model gives credit to the first interaction a customer has with the brand or the marketing campaign. It emphasizes brand awareness and initial engagement.

  • Last-Touch

The last-touch model attributes the entire conversion to the last touchpoint before the customer completes the desired action. It highlights the most recent marketing action that led to the conversion.

  • Multi-Touch

A multi-touch attribution model distributes credit across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey, considering various interactions that influenced the final conversion.

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