It’s All About Attribution: Essential Marketing Insights for Your Board


Your board of directors is primarily interested in one thing: attribution. Or, in other words, which marketing efforts drive the most revenue, and what is the ROI of the marketing spend?

As a CEO, you need to weed through the questions and determine the essential marketing insights for your board.

Since the board is responsible for making sure that the company is meeting and exceeding the expectations of shareholders, they want to understand:

  • Exactly how the marketing department is contributing to revenue
  • How marketing is impacting the sales pipeline
  • How marketing spends their budget and the ROI of that spend
  • How they plan to generate more revenue and overachieve on company goals


In this eBook, we go over tactics and strategies that help CEOs gather Salesforce data and information they need to create reports and forecasts that get results.

The best way to provide this kind of data is to track and measure marketing campaigns in the company’s CRM system. 

Tracking data in different systems can lead to inconsistent data between teams and leads to sales and marketing painting different pictures for the board. This makes it difficult to assign credit to marketing campaigns.

When everyone tracks in Salesforce, the board has one source of truth for all critical metrics across teams and channels. This reduces the friction between sales and marketing and presents a unified picture.


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