With a seasoned background in leading marketing operations, I’ve seen that the function of marketing operations has always been important for a company, and it has been highly emphasized more in recent years. This is encouraging for growth-driven companies and marketing professionals who are attracted to the promise of building measurement foundations that drive marketing actions, decisions, and strategy. BUT, it seems like marketing organizations are still struggling to get what they need from measurement. In my experience, many times it seemed like we were reaching in the dark to get real truth, and I spent too much time wading through data and building too many reports in multiple systems. What I needed wasn’t more data, but a way to “know what I don’t know”. I needed insights, actions, and decisions, not just data and metrics. And so, that’s why Full Circle Insights has created and is launching Full Circle Quick Dash and the Full Circle Method.

“B-to-b marketers have more access to performance data than ever, yet, it’s not leading to better decision-making.”

– Ross Graber, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions


Introducing Full Circle Quick Dash and the Full Circle Method

For insights-driven demand marketers, Full Circle Quick Dash is a structured set of reporting dashboards, available as a new feature of our flagship funnel metrics Salesforce application Response Management. Quick Dash provides a structure of marketing measurement, separated into four distinct categories: Planning, Achieving, Optimizing, and Evaluating. We call these the Four Pillars of Marketing Measurement.

In creating the Quick Dash standard dashboards, we at Full Circle Insights broke down the use cases into separate areas of insights and questions that need to be answered throughout the marketing cycle, as in the above summary image. Just to give one example, historical annual conversion rate metrics would be mostly utilized in Planning, likely near year-end, whereas campaign attribution metrics would be under Evaluating and used much more frequently, likely weekly or as campaigns run their course. With Full Circle Quick Dash and standard dashboards, we are providing consolidated reports to eliminate the frequent ad-hoc creation of reports (that get used once or twice!) and enable a scalable cadence of reporting.

For a more detailed guide on these dashboards and how they are used, download our Four Dashboards to Make Marketing Measurement Easy.

The Full Circle Method

We are supplementing our Quick Dash package of dashboards with the Full Circle Method, a library of guides that serve as blueprints to walk each person through the Four Pillars of Marketing Measurement.

As marketers, across the entire spectrum of analytical expertise, we could all use some guidance and best practices for what metrics to look at, and when. The Full Circle Method includes written guides, screenshots, videos, walkthroughs for customizing Salesforce reports, and much more to help all marketers obtain the metrics they need. Certainly, I could have used something like this when building the measurement foundations for growth-driven companies.

Taking Marketing Measurement From Data-Diving to Insights-Driving

As a provider of marketing performance measurement, Full Circle Insights obviously has a strong viewpoint getting metrics and reporting right. As a marketing professional, I personally have experienced the challenge of data inundation. To truly demonstrate marketing excellence, a marketer needs a blueprint and scalable approach to obtaining insights from data. We at Full Circle Insights are excited to provide the framework of marketing measurement through Quick Dash and the Full Circle Method that aligns all the stakeholders in company performance and helps marketers earn a seat at the strategy table.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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