For any company to have a strong and successful marketing department it must have solid partnerships in place.  This could be partnerships between technologies (i.e. CRM and marketing automation), it could be partnerships between departments (corporate marketing and product marketing, for example), or it could be partnerships with other companies to help each other generate demand and build thought leadership.  At Full Circle Insights we believe in leveraging as many partnerships as possible to create the best possible environment for ourselves and more importantly for our customers – so last week we announced the launch of our Partner Program.

We split our partners into two groups – technology and consulting.  Technology partners currently include, Eloqua, Act-On, and Marketo.  Our product is built on the platform and works seamlessly with the aforementioned marketing automation technologies.   We are on the AppExchange, participate in Eloqua’s Topliners Community, and also recently became part of Marketo’s new marketing solutions ecosystem, Launchpoint.  Each of these technology partners plays a critical role in the success of our company and customers.  Our reporting features in Salesforce help supplement the already robust services marketing automation solutions provide and increase the native functionality within reporting and analytics.

The other key group of partners, consulting, includes Bulldog Solutions, BlueBird Strategies, SureShot Media, DemandGen, Heinz Marketing, and LionzForce.  These partners are also key pieces of the marketing puzzle – we strengthen each other’s offerings to create a more complete environment for all our customers and enable them to achieve the highest level of success in their marketing efforts.

Like any good marketing solution we strongly believe in the importance of partnering with others to not only drive business but to make sure our customers are getting the most bang for their buck as possible.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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