The end of a year is a great time to reflect on our successes and the lessons we learned over the past 12 months. It’s an even better time to think about the exciting possibilities the year ahead holds. To say that 2021 was an “interesting” year is an understatement. “Pivotal” is a better description. The marketplace is evolving rapidly, and partly due to that, we see amazing possibilities on tap for 2022.

I’m pleased to report that Full Circle Insights remains a strong and growing business. We accomplished a great deal in 2021 on the product development side. The Full Circle Insights team launched Journey Explorer as a Digital Source Tracker (DST) enhancement, giving users the power to map out prospect touchpoints over time, via digital and non-digital sources.

Journey Explorer expanded the capabilities of DST, a product that also won several prestigious awards this year, including Product of the Year from Business Intelligence Group, which also named DST a BIG Award innovation winner. A Bronze Stevie Award rounded out DST’s 2021 accolades.

We also launched Full Circle Enterprise, which gives customers an opportunity to save 15% by purchasing Response Management with Funnel Metrics, Campaign Attribution, and DST as a bundle.

Looking Ahead to 2022

So, what’s in store for Full Circle Insights next year? I’m excited to share that we’ll be rolling out additional new product enhancements and partnerships, but first, it might be helpful to share some trends we’re seeing in the marketplace that we believe marketing ops teams can capitalize on in the coming year.

Marketing teams are embracing account-based marketing (ABM) in greater numbers today because technology has finally caught up with the original ABM concept. ABM makes sense as a way for B2B marketing teams to target decision-makers — it’s a logical extension of the targeting techniques good marketing and salespeople have always used.

The difference is now, thanks to the availability of intent and behavioral data, it’s possible for B2B marketers to use ABM as a way to hyper-segment prospects to build pipeline and drive revenue more efficiently. In other words, we’re seeing a maturing of ABM practices as both marketing and sales nurture leads. Increasingly, they’re looking for more effective ways to measure performance.

Full Circle Insights is uniquely positioned to provide the measurement solution ABM practitioners need. We build our solutions inside the CRM and provide the marketing attribution data — including campaign attribution and funnel metrics — that align marketing and sales teams around a single source of data truth. This drives greater efficiency in spend allocation and process optimization.

As always, Full Circle Insights is anticipating emerging marketplace needs and developing product enhancements to ensure customer success. In 2022, we plan to roll out enhancements to simplify the way marketers track ABM performance in the context of popular frameworks like the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall.

We’re also developing more sophisticated DST capabilities that will make it possible for marketers to better understand the source of digital opportunities by capturing data on even more touchpoints. In addition to that, Full Circle Insights will integrate additional ad networks.

Stay tuned for more details in 2022. In the meantime, on behalf of the entire Full Circle Insights team, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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