We are approaching our 4th anniversary at the end of December – December 31 actually. And as we approach the beginning of year 5, I am reminded of my story of why I am so happy that we started Full Circle and how now we can help our marketing friends and colleagues measure their activity and impact on their companies.
But it’s not been so easy before Full Circle. I’ve been a vice president of marketing many times and here’s my story:
1)      You want to know what happened to all the leads from last quarter.
2)      You sense sales could be uncovering more deals from your responses, but you don’t have visibility into the outcome of every response.
3)      You know the wrong campaign is credited on many opportunities but don’t know how to fix that.
4)      Campaign ROI is still a crap shoot because the campaigns and opportunities are not matched up correctly.
5)      You try to look at the data in the marketing automation system but that data doesn’t match what’s in Salesforce.
6)      And the sales team doesn’t trust your data in the marketing automation system.
7)      You wasted yet another weekend trying to make sense of your campaign results in your horrible spreadsheet you know doesn’t have correct data.
8)      You’d like to have meaningful conversation with sales but it’s difficult with information you have about marketing results.
9)      You’re using your best judgment to build your marketing plans but it would be really nice to have data to support your decisions.
10)   You’d love to be able to present marketing’s impact on your company at the next exec meeting and wish you had more confidence in your marketing data.
We solved these problems with Full Circle but our journey isn’t over. We look forward to a fantastic 2015 to deliver all our current and new customers with the marketing data they need to be successful.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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