So much has been written about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that writing yet another blog post on the topic seems completely unoriginal. Having said that, there’s a particular angle that hasn’t had much airplay. Simply put, ABM is not a panacea for all of marketing’s woes. Let’s be clear. The ability to finally really do ABM and mirror our sales’ compatriots Account-Based Selling efforts is a fantastic thing – it provides another level of focus and efficiencies the organization can enjoy.

ABM is a great complement to an RBM (Response-Based Marketing) go-to-market strategy. While ABM focuses on a list of strategic accounts, RBM is the flip-side of the coin. An RBM strategy focuses on individuals who meet a certain preordained criteria set. Smart marketers will employ a combination of both. And sophisticated marketers will measure both – looking at funnel metrics and attribution data for both accounts and individuals.

While Full Circle Insights has always provided the ability to measure both ABM and RBM, today we announced that we are expanding upon our marketing measurement solutions and ABM capabilities. For current customers who may not be fully leveraging our ABM measurement capabilities, we launched a Reporting Package and Guide that includes ABM reports and dashboards in efforts to enable our customers to get up-and-running with actionable ABM insights.

We also announced details of a forthcoming product – Full Circle Matchmaker – that solves a very difficult problem inside Salesforce and a huge pain point for the sales team. The product automatically links Leads to Accounts, converts Leads to Account Contacts and routes Leads to the correct salesperson. While these capabilities seem to be outside the sweet spot for marketers, what it enables for the marketer is dead on – comprehensive account visibility and even better ABM measurement. It’s the Lead to Account matching bit that marketers will revel in. (Well specifically it’s this thing called “fuzzy matching.”) Finally, all those records in Salesforce for IBM – whether entered as IBM, I.B.M., International Business Machines, IBM inc, etc – will all now roll up to one master account. As you can imagine, all your account data is now really in one place. And that’s a very important thing when it comes to accurate measurement and reporting.

Since marketers will want and need to connect the dots and measure both ABM and RBM, having a solution in place that has the flexibility to do both will save time, money and many headaches in measuring marketing’s impact on revenue.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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