Today, Full Circle Insights announced the release of Full Circle Campaign Attribution, a groundbreaking marketing analytics solution that provides data-driven marketers with the intelligence to make budget decisions with confidence by measuring their campaigns’ performance and impact on revenue, all inside the most ubiquitous CRM system in the world. Full Circle Campaign Attribution delivers a marketing attribution product with a superior combination of functionality, ease of use and cross-organization data conformity and accessibility within the de facto system of record for sales reporting.

As organizations have become more data-driven, executives and board members demand metrics to show impact on revenue. The overwhelming majority of marketers acknowledge the importance of accurately attributing revenue and gaining insight into campaign performance in order to optimize marketing spend and mix and drive revenue growth. But with numerous emerging marketing channels and disparate data that exist in silos that isolate marketing and sales teams, attribution has been more a matter of guesswork than science — until now.

“Our research has shown that growing numbers of b-to-b organizations are looking to tactic attribution as a method to understand the effectiveness of their marketing execution. Thirty-one percent of b-to-b organizations are using some form of tactic attribution today, and within two years we expect that number to climb to nearly fifty percent of organizations.” says Ross Graber, Senior Research Director, at b-to-b Research and Advisory firm, SiriusDecisions. “Applied thoughtfully, tactic attribution will round out the toolkit of analytical techniques available to marketers and help shape a deeper understanding of tactic effectiveness.”

Marketers Now Given the Most Comprehensive and Innovative Revenue Attribution Product to Make Marketing Budget Decisions with Confidence

“Measuring campaign performance and impact on revenue is the biggest weapon for gaining confidence behind a company’s marketing spend,” said Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights president and CEO. “Our Campaign Attribution product is a powerful application that serves performance-driven marketers across all levels of attribution sophistication and the information is accessible to both sales and marketing, providing important data that drives alignment.”

Full Circle Campaign Attribution delivers attribution modeling capability and flexibility that serve a wide array of diverse marketers. It provides both standard out-of-the-box attribution models as well as models with custom frameworks to fit the business goals and marketing mix unique to each company. With Full Circle Campaign Attribution, a marketer is able to implement simple single-touch models, multi-touch models or advanced models with custom weightings and custom variables (including job function, campaign type, time commitment in marketing assets and offline actions).

To maximize the potency of the product’s attribution modeling, Full Circle Insights has built functionalities to optimize a customer’s attribution modeling on-the-fly, including side-by-side attribution model cross-compare and a detailed drill-down capability called Deal Explorer. With unified data in Salesforce, extensive modeling flexibility and comprehensive reporting that aligns attribution with marketing and sales goals, Full Circle Campaign Attribution generates timely actionable marketing insights that steer marketing decisions and tactics.

Full Circle Campaign Attribution aligns with pre-existing business processes and security requirements of an organization since the data and insights remain inside the already vetted Salesforce platform. Streamlined installation allows marketers to be up-and-running and make an immediate impact on revenue. Find out more here.

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