Sales and marketing teams today face mountains of data. In the perfect world, data is always insightful and enabling. In the real world, data can be flawed and cumbersome. In their CRM, businesses amass large lists of leads for the purpose of engaging leads. However, because these leads come from multiple sources over time, the lead data is in disarray and leads are disconnected from the accounts they represent.

To fix this, sales and marketing would have to sift through the data manually to ensure new leads are being engaged by the right sales rep and with the right messaging. In effect, sales and marketing teams can no longer intelligently email, call, or engage with the accounts they are trying to sell to. Today, I am proud to announce that Full Circle Insights officially launched a product that intelligently restores the account context to leads.

The new product is called Full Circle Matchmaker, and as the name suggests, it matches your Salesforce lead data to the account record in order to bring account context to the mass of leads you have in your CRM. Consider sales and marketing without this context. For an inbound lead, someone organically found you and filled out a form, perhaps to download an educational asset. For outbound, your sales development reps (SDRs) are going into their prospecting lists in the CRM. Without the connection between leads and accounts, any lead engagement could add friction to an account’s sale cycle rather than progress the account into a sale. In either case of inbound and outbound, your organization needs to have a unified front in engaging the leads with account-appropriate messaging and measuring the organization’s effectiveness in account engagement. The new Full Circle Matchmaker helps provide the data solution to enable that.

Here are some of the cool features:

  • Intelligent lead-to-account matching: support for fuzzy matching and duplicate account management
  • Configurable lead assignment to sales reps: self-customizable rules for routing each matched lead to the right sales rep to own the lead
  • Conversion of leads to Contacts: the choice of automatic conversion of leads to decide which leads convert and which don’t
  • User-friendly yet powerful UI designed for any CRM workflow: a few quick drop-downs and drag-and-drops, with no need to call our customer support to customize your configuration
  • Account Activity Ratings: list view of accounts with customizable ratings based on engagement history
  • 100% native to Salesforce
  • Fully self-installable with step-by-step guides to get you up and running

Don’t take my word for it though. Hear from a customer of ours:

“Matchmaker is a foundational element to our Account-Based Sales and Marketing efforts. With it, our sales team can now save countless hours per week and our marketing efforts can now be hyper-focused on individual accounts.”

Bryant Lau, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Highspot

All-in-all, you should spend less time on data cleansing and more on connecting with accounts. With your lead data enhanced with account context in your CRM, you can achieve more through lead intelligence, right when you need it. You also gain sales and marketing alignment when your engagements with Leads and Accounts are connected throughout your sales cycles. So, explore Full Circle Matchmaker to connect the dots between lead engagement, account prospecting, and revenue generation.

Want to learn more about Full Circle Matchmaker? Check out our product info page including a brief product video.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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