Three Steps to Improve Your Marketing Qualified Leads

Alignment is one of the biggest reasons a sales team loses confidence in marketing. For B2B companies, the chain of events usually unfolds in the following way: In the end, the misleading metrics and underperformance of the marketing leads “teach” sales that all marketing leads seem worse than they actually... Read more ›

How to Start Small with ABM

Account Based Marketing. It’s a term that gets thrown around the industry just as much as AI these days and can be pretty intimidating especially when trying to figure out how to get going. It seems like a beast that’s difficult to get your hands around. But guess what…it’s not.... Read more ›

The Insights Economy

[in-sahyts  ih-kon–uh-mee] Noun: All activities related to the production, consumption, and trade of insights. If you are reading this, chances are you have probably chosen already to contribute to the Insights Economy, and by the end of this discussion, I hope you will see that the Insights Economy is something really... Read more ›

Why and How We Audit Our MarTech Stack

What’s Revenue Got To Do (Got To Do) With It? By DeAnn Poe | Vice President, Demand Generation | DiscoverOrg As marketers for a marketing technology company, my team and I know how important it is to get the marketing technology stack right. That’s why we audit our martech stack... Read more ›

Planning Your 2nd Half to Hit 2017 Goals

Here we are in July. Your company is trying to make sure the ship is on-course to meet revenue targets. And of course, the natural questions come pouring in from the CEO. Did marketing hit its numbers? Where are you on your year-end marketing goals? Are we on track? If... Read more ›

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