Company Helps Customers Succeed in Economic Climate Transformed by Pandemic

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, has continued to focus on innovation this year, harnessing patented technologies and designing new dashboards for its Digital Source Tracker product to empower digital marketers with the Full Circle Method. The company remains focused on helping customers succeed in a transformed economic climate.

In April, Full Circle Insights was granted U.S. Patent 10,599,620 entitled “Method and System for Object Synchronization in CRM Systems.” The patented technology, which was invented by Full Circle founders Dan Appleman, Roan Bear, Bonnie Crater, and Andrea Wildt, powers Full Circle funnel metrics capabilities inside CRM systems. This increases marketing efficiency by telling Full Circle customers which campaigns perform better so they can invest more wisely and use funnel metrics and attribution to optimize processes.

Following this news, the company was also awarded U.S. Patent 10,621,206 entitled “Method and System for Recording Responses in a CRM System” in May. Invented too by Full Circle founders, this patented technology improves funnel metrics and attribution models, allowing marketers to manage leads, contacts and campaigns more efficiently. The ability to collect and maintain key information about leads in the CRM framework eliminates lost opportunities, duplicate work and inaccurate funnel and attribution metrics due to repeat responses.

In addition to its patent news, Full Circle Insights launched its Digital Source Tracker with the Full Circle Method for digital marketing in June, providing new dashboards that enable marketers to achieve greater efficiency in their digital marketing efforts. It allows marketers who use Full Circle’s Response Management product to connect clicks from their digital advertising, web traffic, social channels and other digital outreach to leads, pipeline and revenue inside a CRM system.

“Full Circle is a critical technology to power your marketing analytics engine,” said Danny McKeever, Sr. Director, Marketing Operations and Technology at Integrate. “It bridges the reporting gap across the different Salesforce objects, enabling the marketing organization to understand the entire demand funnel and is a must-have for marketing.”

The Full Circle Method is a prescriptive, data-driven framework that lets marketers make better campaign investments. The dashboards give marketers who use the Full Circle Method insights tailored for digital marketing. This rollout is especially useful for digital marketers with toolsets that are separate from marketing operations or sales automation technology stacks because it breaks down data silos. With Digital Source Tracker, marketers can connect the dots and see how their digital campaigns influence revenue, allowing them to work more efficiently.

“The common theme of all of our 2020 achievements is that they improve marketing efficiency, allowing marketers to make smarter investments by revealing which campaigns are performing best while also improving process efficiency at the same time,” said Full Circle Insights President and CEO Bonnie Crater. “This is especially important in any economic situation, but during a downturn, when people have to do more with less, efficiency is even more critical.”

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