San Mateo Startup Triples Space to Make Room For New Hires


SAN MATEO, Calif., June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Full Circle CRM, a leading provider of Marketing Performance Management solutions, today announced that it has doubled in size year-over-year and is moving into a larger office to accommodate this rapid growth. The new office at 3 Waters Park Dr. in San Mateo is 8,600 square feet, nearly 3X larger than the former space. This move speaks to the popularity and continued success of Full Circle’s products.

Full Circle’s office upgrade closely follows the company’s $3.8 million Series A, which it closed in November 2014.  Full Circle is using this funding to expand its reach and bring the critical funnel metrics and campaign performance insights provided by its Marketing Performance Management suite to marketers everywhere. To achieve this goal, Full Circle has accelerated hiring for its sales and marketing teams, which are both expanding fast.

“We founded Full Circle CRM because we knew that marketers needed ways to measure their performance and get the answers they need, and that vision has clearly resonated with our customers,” said Full Circle cofounder and CEO Bonnie Crater. “We are thrilled to be moving into a bigger space that will accommodate our expanding headcount as we hire the people we need to further supercharge our growth.”

Full Circle’s Marketing Performance Management suite includes four products: Campaign Influence, Response Management, Easy Campaign Member Status Manager, and Opportunity Gatekeeper, which was recently released. These solutions enable marketers to gain visibility into their business results, optimize their marketing spend, and work more productively with their sales counterparts to grow their businesses. By building its products on the Salesforce1 Platform, Full Circle aligns sales and marketing teams so that both groups view the same data, allowing for easier decision making.

Full Circle CRM was founded by four marketing and technology veterans who saw that while the enterprise invests billions in CRM solutions to more effectively track and measure sales performance, marketing teams are not assessed as rigorously. Meanwhile, the shift to digital marketing makes it possible for companies to accurately measure the performance of their marketing campaigns and their impact on revenue. Full Circle CRM empowers marketers without extensive expertise in data and statistics to get the answers they need to improve results, drive revenue, and plan with confidence.

Bonnie Crater, Full Circle’s President and CEO, is a five-time vice president of marketing and former SVP at Salesforce. Dan Appleman, CTO, is a Salesforce MVP and the author of Advanced Apex Programming for and Roan Bear, VP of Products and Customer Success, has 20 years of experience advising companies on business and marketing strategies as well as technology solutions such as Salesforce. Andrea Wildt, now on the advisory board, is a former director of product management for Salesforce.

The past six months have been exciting for Full Circle CRM. In addition to growing its team, releasing a new product, and relocating offices, the company held Circulate, its first customer conference, in San Francisco in March. This event brought together data-driven Salesforce marketers to discuss, learn, and share ideas for how to enhance the impact of their marketing campaigns and grow their company’s revenue and pipeline.

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Full Circle CRM provides Salesforce users a complete Marketing Performance Management solution that answers all of their marketing questions in one place and helps drive more revenue from every campaign with best-practice response lifecycle management, powerful weighted campaign influence models, and comprehensive marketing and sales funnel metrics. Our cloud-based products are built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions. All of your marketing data is in Salesforce and so are the answers.

Founded by former Salesforce executives, product managers, and marketing automa­tion specialists – the Full Circle CRM team knows what it takes to run a successful marketing organization. Our team is passionate about giving marketers the answers they need to prove marketing’s contribution to the bottom line, plan with confidence, and grow revenue. Learn more at

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