Application Intelligence Leader Gains Insight with the Industry’s Most Advanced Marketing Performance Management Solution


SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 22, 2015 Full Circle CRM, a leading provider of marketing performance management solutions, today announced that AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, has selected Full Circle CRM as its marketing performance management solution partner. AppDynamics, which offers an innovative Application Intelligence Platform that enables application performance management as well as desktop and mobile real-user monitoring, will use Full Circle CRM’s solution to gain an accurate accounting of marketing’s impact.

“We’re excited to work with an industry leader like AppDynamics to provide greater marketing and campaign accountability and insight,” said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle CRM. “Just as AppDynamics gives users the tools to monitor, manage and optimize complex software environments, Full Circle CRM provides a solution that enables companies to optimize marketing campaigns and maximize impact, so it’s a natural fit for both companies.”

Full Circle CRM provides campaign and response lifecycle management solutions on the Salesforce1 Platform that make it easy for marketers to track, manage and report on each response. The company’s unique response-based approach gives marketing executives the analytics and insights they need to maximize campaign efficiency and revenue.

“Working with Full Circle CRM allows us to fully leverage our Salesforce implementation and make sure we measure the impact of every response and activity along the sales funnel,” said Niel Hildebrand III, Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics at AppDynamics. “With more accurate intelligence on what drives sales, we can now invest where it will make the biggest impact and continue to drive strong growth.”

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About AppDynamics
The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform helps today’s software-defined businesses proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the most complex software environments — from desktop to mobile — all in real time, and all in production. With cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment flexibility, AppDynamics works and partners with many of the world’s most innovative companies. Customers include Citrix, Edmunds, Expedia, Fox News, HBO, John Deere, OpenTable, Salesforce, Sephora, StubHub, and Union Pacific Railroad. For more information, visit

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About Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM provides Salesforce users a complete Marketing Performance Management solution that answers all of their marketing questions in one place and helps drive more revenue from every campaign with best-practice response lifecycle management, powerful weighted campaign influence models, and comprehensive marketing and sales funnel metrics. The company’s cloud-based products are built 100 percent on the Salesforce1 Platform and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions. All of your marketing data is in Salesforce and so are the answers.

Founded by former Salesforce executives, product managers, and marketing automa­tion specialists – the Full Circle CRM team knows what it takes to run a successful marketing organization. Our team is passionate about giving marketers the answers they need to prove marketing’s contribution to the bottom line, plan with confidence, and grow revenue. Learn more at
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