The challenge for a high-growth company with a 49% compound annual growth rate over the last 5 years is figuring out how to not only maintain but accelerate that trajectory.

After deploying Full Circle, DiscoverOrg could quickly identify under-performing campaigns, delays within the sales cycle, and confidently identify the demand gen channels bringing in the most pipeline and revenue.

Presentation by DeAnn Poe, VP Demand Generation, DiscoverOrg at Circulate 2017.

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“After exploring various campaign attribution solutions, we selected Full Circle Insights, because it was the most robust, could provide the insight that we were looking for on campaign and process performance, and was native to Salesforce.”

“DiscoverOrg has seen conversion rates and new business sales increase almost 50% quarter-over-quarter. Visibility into the sales cycle has directly contributed to this growth.”

DeAnn Poe

VP Demand Generation, DiscoverOrg

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