Full Circle Insights had a successful (pun intended) Success Circle in the Boston area this past Thursday, January 18th. This was our second mini-style user group event, after our initial SF South Bay one in December. We intended these events to be useful local gatherings of customers looking to learn from other marketing and sales operations leaders in the community.

The event’s biggest draw and staple session is the “Flash Your Dash” presentation by our customers. Done in a rapid-fire succession, customers show their most innovative and useful dashboards, share key insights derived from them, and answer questions from the audience. We’re excited to continue our road trip and plan future locales for our Success Circle events.

We’re also proud to announce our LinkedIn Group, Full Circle Success. We intended to create a space for Full Circle Insights customers to share tips, ask questions, provide Salesforce guidance, and talk shop. Full Circle Insights will also be announcing future Success Circle events and job postings for Marketing/Sales Operations from our customers on our LinkedIn Group. Please join us in discussion and get updates on what we’re up to!

Link to Full Circle Success: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13577185

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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