Ensuring the marketing and sales teams are operating at an optimum level is a top priority for to Full Circle Insights. The company’s latest partnership focuses on its latest effort to meet this critical goal through the use of 6sense intent data.  

This past February, Full Circle teamed up with 6sense, a revenue/AI-based intent data provider, to give customers more tools to clearly prove their impact on lead generation, including access to 6sense intent data. 

What the Partnership Means

Through this collaboration, Full Circle ABM users can leverage 6sense intent data, which identifies target accounts that show interest in buying either a B2B product or a service. This means Full Circle ABM users can track customer accounts through each sales funnel stage using Salesforce. Additionally, users can now both track and measure the buyer’s entire journey—from their first click on an organization’s website to the completed sale. 

For marketing and sales teams, tracking accounts from the detected stage is vital to success. This stage indicates  when accounts could be recognized as being in-market based on their intent signals. Having access to track what the buyer does until the closed-won business stage provides unparalleled insight that can be leveraged in several ways—something that is particularly critical in the current economic environment. 

Account-based marketing campaigns need B2B intent data to inform marketers about the interests of buyers, and clearly measure impact based on observed data behavior.

The Impact of the Partnership on ABM Users

More than 80 percent of marketers have said that quantifying ABM program results is one of their top challenges. The partnership between Full Circle and 6sense resolves this by providing marketers with insight into what accounts have higher conversion potential. 

In addition, it allows them to measure the activation of target accounts, making it easier to show results. Further, beyond identifying accounts that should be targeted, marketing and sales teams also benefit by receiving buying stage predictions. Now, rather than guessing, teams can work together to focus on the most fruitful opportunities.

The Risks of Not Adopting the Integration

Marketers need this integration because otherwise they risk struggling with scattered data, which makes it much harder to measure the impact of their efforts accurately. If marketers do not have the ability to identify which target accounts are currently showing intent, they could be losing out on critical opportunities to generate engagement from potential customers, preventing the optimization of their marketing spend. 

This partnership between Full Circle and 6sense aligns sales and marketing teams and allows them to shift their focus to target accounts more likely to drive revenue growth. It will help create more effective and efficient workflows, as teams benefit from having the ability to leverage this 6sense intent data. Additionally, this new partnership eliminates the guesswork element when it comes to the ABM targeting equation and provides enhanced funnel visibility. 

Ultimately, in a rather uncertain economic climate, taking every measure possible to help improve efficacy and help an organization’s bottom line is important. Full Circle Insights is thrilled to spotlight 6sense, whose capabilities will help marketing and sales teams reach their goals and enable Full Circle ABM customers to reap the benefits for their organizations.  

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Gavin Griffiths

Author: Gavin Griffiths

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