The share of marketers who report adopting an agile marketing approach has been growing, as we find that the pandemic accelerated implementation of agile techniques – with their budget-friendly and shorter project timelines. Agile methodologies are also centered around measurement, which makes defending marketing spend easier in lean times.

The marketing team at Integrate, a company that provides an enterprise solution for managing and measuring demand gen programs for some of the world’s top brands, is naturally focused on measuring its own marketing campaigns in granular detail. Danny McKeever, Senior Director, Marketing Operations and Technology, at Integrate, is also passionate about aligning his team’s efforts with company goals.

That’s why Integrate uses Full Circle Insights to maximize agility. One hallmark of an agile approach is cross-functional team collaboration and alignment across areas of responsibility. McKeever works closely with the company’s finance leader to establish marketing objectives, and the Integrate marketing team aligns with sales colleagues to ensure progress toward those goals, measuring at every stage

How Marketing Performance Measurement Drives Agility

Before McKeever and his team could reach an agile state, they had to put performance measurement capabilities in place. Full Circle Insights’ native CRM solution created a framework for collaboration between the marketing and sales teams to both leverage data inside the CRM as a single source of truth. This allowed them to create enforceable service level agreements. 

The ability to measure marketing performance using CRM data that is credible across the organization also allows McKeever to ensure the campaigns his team is executing are hitting the mark. McKeever now knows exactly how much revenue marketing is expected to generate, and has dashboards that provide full-funnel visibility to keep tabs on progress.

The Integrate marketing team monitors conversion rates at every funnel stage. This means they can stay agile by making adjustments to campaigns as metrics reveal their effectiveness in real time. They can also invest more in programs that nurture leads through the funnel and redirect marketing spend when campaigns underperform. Full Circle dashboards show what’s working and what needs work.

How Full-Funnel Visibility Keeps Cross-Functional Teams On Track

Agile marketing emphasizes accountability, with cross-functional teams working together toward common objectives. Working from the same CRM data, the Integrate marketing and sales teams can stay on track. Funnel metrics make it possible to pinpoint and address any process breakdowns that occur, enabling continuous improvement.

In addition to enabling greater agility within marketing operations, performance measurement tools let marketing demonstrate revenue impact throughout the organization. At Integrate, there’s no ambiguity about marketing’s contributions to business value; with Full Circle’s attribution technology, McKeever can show the revenue impact on sales results and partner activity.

An agile approach prescribes collaboration instead of siloed efforts. At Integrate, the marketing team uses Full Circle to enable greater levels of cooperation across teams and is able to make smarter decisions about campaign investments and process improvement. That’s agility in action.

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