With today’s release of the IDC Salesforce Economy study, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my first 3 months working as the Partner Manager of our Salesforce relationship at Full Circle Insights, an ISV partner within the Salesforce ecosystem.

When I was interviewing for this position, which no one had held before me, I knew from my previous experiences that this would be a tremendous opportunity. Having attended the past two Dreamforce events with an Expo pass, just seeing the sheer volume of companies that participate within the Salesforce economy is staggering. And knowing that the Full Circle Insights team had tripled digit growth over the last few years without having a dedicated person to tap into this amazing ecosystem, that we were positioned for success.

And if the IDC report bears fruit, all I can say is WOW! Here are a few stats that got me even more excited for my job:

  1. Growth of the Salesforce Ecosystem: In 2015 for every $1 made by Salesforce, the ecosystem made $2.82. By 2020, they expect that to be $4.14. That is massive growth!
  2. In the $2 trillion IT market in 2015, cloud products made up only 5% of spend, yet is expected to outpace IT spending growth by 6x. According to the numbers, that is a $100 billion growth target between now and 2020. Cha-Ching!
  3. Beyond straight revenue, the larger impact is on jobs. Per IDC, they expect over 4.5 million jobs to be created directly or indirectly through the ecosystem. That’s a lot of GDP growth around the world.

As much as these numbers are eye-popping, I still came into this job knowing that not all partners are created equal, and it takes some hard work and persistence to be part of this growth. Lots of people said breaking into the Salesforce sales organization would be a long, hard process. I’m happy to report that while it takes both hard work and perseverance, when you have a great product that brings value to your clients, the folks at the Customer Success company that is Salesforce take notice pretty quick. And they are some of the nicest people I could wish to work with, aside from the amazing family at Full Circle Insights.

From all of us here at Full Circle Insights, we congratulate you Salesforce on celebrating your 4 millionth app download, and we look forward to 40 million more! We couldn’t have done it without you, literally. That’s the joy of being native.

Full Circle Team

Author: Full Circle Team

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