What Does Salesforce Tell You?

Last Friday Gene Marks wrote an interesting article for Forbes called What Salesforce.com Won’t Tell You where he explains that the main problem with most CRM systems
is not the systems themselves but the people using those systems – how these CRM systems are set up, implemented, managed, etc.  He makes a valid point.  There is a ton of data stored in any CRM system but the toughest part is getting it set up properly so you can see the relevant marketing analytics or sales metrics that enable you to do your job.

Gene provides a few ways to alleviate this issue in his article (I won’t go into detail here) but it basically boils down to this – get your CRM solution set up properly, make sure you can generate the data sets you need, and get people in your company to actually input proper data into the system.

He says CRM systems are essentially organizational databases and Salesforce’s core competency is that exact thing.  Salesforce has the potential to provide you with almost any information you need about your sales or marketing programs, customer database, etc.  It is amazing at tracking, managing, and storing leads from campaigns or other programs and the amount of data that can be procured from that information is massive.  The problem is finding your way through the maze of information in Salesforce and many companies need to supplement it with other products available on the AppExchange and/or have custom code written for them to enhance the reporting functionality of Salesforce.

In order to get your marketing analytics or sales metrics to the level that you need and ensure Salesforce is telling you everything, it is critical not only set up and manage it properly but also to that from the very beginning you start with the data you want to get out and have the right solutions supplementing your Salesforce instance.  This can alleviate much of the stress that people in your company have towards Salesforce or any other CRM product.

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