The One Attribution Strategy B2B Marketers Must Steal From B2C

From our CEO, Bonnie Crater, and Alex Shipillo, Senior Marketing Manager at Influitive:

B2B marketing is evolving faster than ever. In many ways, however, B2B is still many years behind the sophisticated marketing measurement that has already been implemented by companies that sell to consumers. Luckily, thanks to the rise of customer relationship management, marketing automation and big data tools, B2B marketers have the opportunity to start catching up.

4 reasons B2B is so far behind

Let’s take a look at why B2C marketing is more advanced in marketing measurement and budget optimization than B2B.

1) First, B2C purchases are usually smaller and more numerous than B2B. Sure, consumers buy big-ticket items like yachts and luxury cars, but those items still pale in comparison to the six-figure-or-more enterprise deals that can make or break careers in B2B.

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