Full Circle Insights for Sales Operations

Get unified reporting across Leads AND Contacts with Full Circle Insights' Salesforce Solutions for Sales Professionals.

Unified reporting across Leads AND Contacts

Stop wasting your precious time moving from Lead reports to Contact reports and back again. Analyze the performance of all your telesales and sales campaigns, across both leads and contacts, directly inside of Salesforce.

  • Leverage Contact statuses to enable your Contacts to move through the funnel just like your Leads
  • Understand the overall volume, conversion rates, and velocity of your programs across your entire database
  • See the same data as marketing right inside Salesforce – no time consuming, messy data exports

Complete visibility into historical data

How can you help your sales team increase deal volume and velocity for renewals and upsells? By leveraging historical data in Salesforce to report on the volume, conversion rates, and velocity of every sales campaign right inside Salesforce.

  • See how quickly leads move through the funnel
  • Track the historical results of all sales, telesales and marketing touch points to streamline operations
  • Proactively identify bottlenecks and keep things moving by comparing current results with past performance
Get complete visibility into historical data with our Salesforce solutions for sales professionals.
Determine if your team is hitting their SLAs with our Salesforce solutions for sales professionals.

Determine if your team is hitting their SLAs

Want to squeeze more pipeline and revenue out of every campaign? Then make sure qualified responses don’t slip through the cracks– regardless of whether the response is from a new lead or an existing contact. With visibility into when every response is sent to sales from marketing, it is easy to monitor if neglected responses are piling up and to find bottlenecks in the marketing-to-sales hand-off.

  • Full visibility into when and how your sales team engaged with each contact, what the outcome was and the impact of each response on revenue
  • Time-stamped response dates across Leads and Contacts to show if every response is followed up on in a timely fashion
  • Empower sales management with full visibility to response assignment volume and outcomes, providing insight into the status of sales targets


    Can’t live without this in Sales too, not just Marketing…
    [What do you like best?] Aligned funnel reporting between Sales & Marketing that accounts for deficiencies in Salesforce.com’s native Lead-to-Opportunity model. Our reporting doesn’t break in a multi-touch model where we could be working with Contacts, not just Leads.

    Jason Paquette
    Director of Sales Operations

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