Better visibility into your marketing metrics

You’re using Salesforce. You’ve implemented marketing automation. But they store data in different ways and you still don’t have the answers you need. Full Circle Insights bridges the gap between Salesforce and the leading marketing automation solutions.

  • Easily tracks every detailed response and outcome natively on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Completely compatible with all the leading marketing automation solutions
  • Fully transparent marketing data

Accurate reports across all your marketing data

Do you find yourself saying “I can’t report on that” or “if we exclude this, this, and that maybe the chart will work”? Extend the data capturing and reporting functionality of Salesforce you need to slice and dice across all your marketing data.

  • Comprehensive funnel metrics and analytics across marketing and sales
  • Actionable insights into key metrics like volume, conversion rates, and velocity for every campaign or campaign type across your key market segments
  • Powerful campaign attribution, attribution, and ROI reports to analyze every aspect of your marketing portfolio

Ad-hoc reporting made easy

Stop stressing out about last minute reports that you aren’t even sure are accurate. Get the marketing data you need to build out dashboards and reports for all the key metrics your team needs.

  • Leverage the full power of the Salesforce reporting UI – granular reporting down to the individual record
  • Capture all the data that your marketing automation tool provides and ensure no data is lost in the sync to Salesforce
  • Provide complete visibility into all of your marketing data

What people are saying

Full Circle Insights provides us more insight into our marketing metrics inside Salesforce than ever before. We are now able to see the true performance of our marketing campaigns and leverage our marketing budget accordingly to maximize revenue.
Hanne Venables Director Marketing Operations, Xactly

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