Know exactly where to invest your marketing budget

Get sophisticated intelligence into what impacts pipeline across every stage of your marketing and sales funnel, and where you can invest to make the biggest impact.

  • Accurate campaign ROI in Salesforce
  • Comprehensive marketing campaign and response velocity analysis
  • Sophisticated campaign attribution models

Plan strategically with better data

Stop reactive, program-driven planning. Full Circle Insights provides the marketing data, analysis and perspective you need to plan strategically and optimize your marketing portfolio across products, segments, regions, and more.

  • Detailed demand waterfall analysis across all your marketing verticals
  • Powerful campaign attribution and velocity reports to analyze every aspect of your marketing portfolio
  • Actual closed loop reporting because all your data is inside Salesforce

Align marketing and sales

Are your numbers in Salesforce different then your marketing automation tool? Get end-to-end visibility across all your marketing and sales processes and a single source of truth for all your metrics.

  • All-inclusive funnel metrics and analysis across marketing, sales, and all your other channels
  • Better sync between Salesforce and your marketing automation tool
  • Optimized business processes with one source of data for marketing and sales

What people are saying

We implemented Full Circle and after only a few months of collecting data were able to see massive benefits. We now easily get accurate campaign attribution data and are able to look deep into the performance of our funnel and see how quickly leads and deals are progressing through each stage.
Jim Williams Vice President Marketing, Influitive

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