Defend your marketing programs and budget

Directional answers aren’t good enough when you’re talking with the executive team or your boss. Full Circle Insights ensures your data is 100% accurate, detailed and complete.

  • Accurate and complete data about every campaign, program, response and sales follow up
  • Detailed drill down reports and answers for every tough question
  • All data and reports are right inside Salesforce

Invest your marketing budget strategically

Can you determine if a marketing campaign is worth re-investing in if you can’t see the end-to-end results of your campaigns? In short – no. Get the data you need to see how your programs influenced pipeline and revenue and understand how they played a role in Opportunity creation. Drive revenue with what is working and bring the rest back to the drawing board.

  • Powerful campaign influence and attribution models provide a clear picture of your program’s performance and determine accurate ROI
  • See which campaigns have the highest conversion rates or drive leads through the funnel more quickly
  • Complete picture of campaign performance across your key market segments right inside of Salesforce

Complete visibility into sales follow up

Make sure that you get the “biggest bang for your buck” and get details on sales follow up for your leads. If they are following up, understand why leads are being disqualified and see if sales is hitting their SLAs so that none of the quality leads you sent them slip through the cracks.

  • Full visibility into every response you send to sales to monitor how long prospects sent to sales remain untouched
  • Easily measure the actionable responses across leads and contacts in a single report to ensure Sales uncovers every possible opportunity from your campaigns
  • Align sales and marketing with equal access to comprehensive funnel metrics showing response volume, conversion rates, and velocity

What people are saying

We implemented Full Circle and after only a few months of collecting data were able to see massive benefits. We now easily get accurate campaign attribution data and are able to look deep into the performance of our funnel and see how quickly leads and deals are progressing through each stage.
Joe Gelata Director Demand Generation, Vidyard

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