Salesforce Marketing Add-Ons

Easy Campaign Member Status ›

Remembering to set the right campaign member statuses for every new campaign is a hassle. Leverage Easy Campaign Member Status to achieve consistent campaign member status values and get higher quality data and better reports. Set the right status values for your campaigns once and for all.

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Opportunity Gatekeeper ›

Bad data affects everyone. And bad Opportunity data is the worst. It ruins your day and wastes time. Opportunity Gatekeeper saves you that time and makes it possible to get complete and accurate data on every Opportunity record.

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Built Natively on the Salesforce App Cloud

  • • Works out of the box with Campaigns, Leads, Contacts and Opportunities
  • • All marketing and sales data is in the same system
  • • Easy to configure and seamless upgrades
  • • Compatible with the leading marketing automation systems

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