Shiver Me Timbers!!! Summer 13 Change Set Hallelujah Moment!

It was a single sentence on page 212 of a 279 page Summer 13 release notes document that rocked my world!salesforce summer 13

“Assignment Rules are now available in change sets.”

Why, if we had been paying attention this would have been all over the Salesforce groups and big celebration parties would be breaking out spontaneously in all consulting firms. Veteran System Administrators everywhere would be shouting “I’m SAVED!” as they treat everyone to a drink. So many of us have had to rebuild hundreds of rules just to test changes, do it again in a staging sandbox, and then again in production! This was news!

The implications of this are staggering. Because assignment rules are defined at the name level (no hidden API name you can’t edit) – you can use change set deployments to, wait for it….

  • Clone an assignment rule!
  • Backup an assignment rule!

Create the change set with your assignment rule from production and upload to a sandbox.

Before deploying the change set in the sandbox – rename the existing rules, deploy, and viola! Another rule is created with the original name!

Do the same thing with a staged assignment rule in a Sandbox to a production org.

Clone, modify and QA assignment rules without having to first rebuild the whole darn thing.

One thing is clear – over here we are Salesforce geeks, this little sentence made my day and I’m still happy every time I think about it.

Now – how about exposing it in the metadata! The Apex developer next door is waiting!



Roan Bear

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