Here’s Why Full Circle Matters to Salesforce Admins 

On January 1st, millions of people wake up and put their New Year’s resolutions into action. By mid-February, over 80% of those resolutions have been abandoned. The 20% that last often succeed because they have the strongest support systems — and the same is true of marketing goals.

For marketers, New Year’s Day comes at the start of every quarter. One resolution is always the same: Set, meet, and hopefully exceed a demand generation target. To set the goal, they need good data. When it comes to achieving it, that’s where the support system comes in.

Sometimes, all we need to succeed is the right tool.

Salesforce administrators don’t usually do much marketing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do much for marketing! To borrow a great phrase from Salesforce itself, however, they’re “a bridge between business and technology,” and that makes them a powerful ally to marketers.

They can customize the platform in ways that help marketers get the useful data they need to make informed decisions about demand gen goals. They also spend time on the AppExchange. If they know what Marketing needs, then chances are, they can find out if there’s a Salesforce tool for that. A Salesforce tool like Full Circle, for example!

In this video, Full Circle Insights’s Director of Sales, Jay Jennison, explains how admins can help support their business’ marketing team from right inside Salesforce.


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