Optimizing Marketing Outcomes Over Time

See how Full Circle Insights can show you historical trends and report on the effectiveness of your marketing as you continually optimize your campaigns, targeting, and prospecting.

As you invest more into your marketing programs with the hope of increasing demand at the top of your funnel, you will see the volume of inquiries naturally going up month to month. But what happens to your leads after the inquiries come in? Do they convert throughout your funnel?

If you are in the dark about how conversion rates trend over time, you risk overspending in your marketing and stagnating your sales cycle, with zero visibility into how to fix your funnel bottlenecks.

Full Circle’s Response Management solution turns each campaign response into an interconnected data hub, with automated timestamps and recorded funnel progression data. This way, Full Circle tracks every campaign and its responses throughout your funnel so you can access trending data around volume and conversions right at your fingertips.

To diagnose your funnel health quickly and easily, get trending insights into questions like:

  • What happens to my Inquiry-to-SAL conversion rates as we increase inquiries month to month?
  • Are our nurture programs effective over time?
  • Are our MQLs actually qualified?
  • How do we change our marketing program mix to improve our business over time?

With Full Circle, get armed with the right funnel data so you can bring confidence to your marketing decisions. Schedule a demo today. 

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