Hired Case Study

Full Circle helps Hired demonstrate marketing's contribution to the business

Demonstrating the Value of Marketing Programs, Channels, and Campaigns

As the world’s leading tech jobs marketplace, Hired was building a business-to-business (B2B) marketing engine from the ground up. Marketing VP Katrina Wong knew the business- to-consumer (B2C) tools used to reach jobseekers weren’t designed for marketing the company’s valuable services to businesses.

To make their B2B marketing playbook complete, Wong and the Hired marketing team needed a way to:

  • Attribute revenue to specific marketing programs, channels, and campaigns so they could allocate spending effectively.
  • Easily track leads and generate reports using data and dashboards that aligned with those used by the sales and revenue teams.

Just as importantly, Wong was looking for a way to track and measure performance accurately so she could build the right-sized team and convey the value her marketing strategy was delivering to the business. She wanted data perceived as credible by everyone, including sales and revenue teams — and even board members.


The Solution:

CRM-aligned solution from Full Circle Insights lets Hired track leads at every stage of the buyer journey and accurately attribute revenue.

Wong chose Full Circle Insight’s flagship Response Management product, which provides a better way to manage marketing and sales performance. Built 100% on the Salesforce Platform, Response Management delivers accurate funnel reporting and metrics that replicate the CRM user experience.

“Instead of cobbling together spreadsheets and reconciling data from different systems, I can quickly see which programs, channels, and campaigns are successful with Full Circle,” Wong explains. “I can accurately attribute revenue to specific actions and communicate the value we create at every stage.”

The B2B buyer’s journey can be complex and lengthy, with multiple marketing touches like PR outreach, digital campaigns, and field marketing events contributing to lead progression over time. Full Circle allows Hired to track leads in the funnel — from initial awareness to closed business.

The Results:

Full Circle Insights delivers data that validates marketing’s strategy, leading to team expansion, award-winning campaigns, and true collaboration with the sales and revenue teams.

Full Circle’s flexible attribution models allow the Hired team to generate more granular reports that accurately attribute revenue to marketing touches. The product’s flexible design also let the Hired team configure Response Management to match the company’s unique funnel structure.

With Full Circle Insights, Wong got the data she needed to prove her marketing strategy was on target and communicate the value of marketing programs, channels, and campaigns, which led to:

  • An expansion of Hired’s highly effective field marketing team, which generated six-fold ROI
  • A prestigious award for a campaign that rapidly generated results compared to past campaigns
  • Bulletproof data that showed marketing contributed more than half of closed-won business

“With Full Circle, my marketing playbook is complete because I can prove my strategy is effective,” Wong said. “This allows me to build the team I need to generate the pipeline volume required to hit revenue targets, and it makes our relationship with the sales and revenue teams truly collaborative.”

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“Full Circle Insights provides proof that my marketing strategy works. It shows which programs, channels and campaigns are successful, using data and dashboards that are familiar and credible across the organization.”

Katrina Wong

VP, Marketing, Hired

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